Energy Minister: Largest C&I rooftop in Western Australia symbolic of 'great revolution in energy'


The 312 kW PV system was installed on the Broadway Fair shopping center in the state capital Perth and was commissioned as a part of a roof replacement project. SunEdison supplied the 942 312W modules, Fronius the inverters and local installer Infinite Energy executed the project.

Speaking at the inauguration, energy minister Nahan described the state’s electricity market as being "in flux" and in the grips of a "great energy revolution equivalent to what we saw 100 years ago when we put these great [electricity utility] monopolies together."

Nahan continued: "We are going towards decentralization [of electricity supply] and it is going to be cleaner, greener, more efficient, more flexible and people are going to be more involved in the delivery of energy."

The minister noted that for government agencies and regulators that have a role to play in facilitating the transition, while maintaining services, the process is a "painful" one.

"I can assure you that [grid operator] Western Power and [state owned] Synergy, the ruminants of the old monopolies, are adjusting [to the new energy market] and facilitating these types of changes," said Nahan.

The energy minister is in an invidious position as he is responsible for Western Australia’s grid operator and utility while clearly supportive of the monopoly-busting capabilities of distributed generation and battery storage. Synergy has been costing the government hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies annually for some years. Nahan acknowledged at this week’s event that at the same time electricity prices for consumers have increased "phenomenally" over the last 10 years.