SunPower to provide direct service for homeowners in New York


The partnership between the leading PV manufacturer SunPower and a New York funded solar marketing and sales company The Solar Program is a new way for New Yorkers to go solar. Instead of using sub-contractors, SunPower is offering homeowners a possibility to deal directly with the manufacturer when buying, financing or leasing solar panels.

The new service means that starting from the design development, through permitting and even the installation process, the project is being facilitated by the company that manufactures the PV system.

"It makes perfect sense," CEO of The Solar Program Keith Finkel said in the announcement. "Who better to oversee the design and install of your solar system than the company that manufactures and warranties your solar system?”

On their side of the partnership, The Solar Program will be the first point of contact for those looking to go solar, qualifying homes and educating homeowners on how solar works, as well as its savings and benefits.

To date, a lot of New Yorkers do not have an opportunity to benefit from using solar. There are significant barriers for installing PV in the city, including long waits for approval through the city’s Department of Buildings, and fire codes that reduce the roof space available for installations. These issues will we explored in the print edition of pv magazine in April.

Also, read the April edition of pv magazine for more information on high-efficiency PV modules, which is an area in which SunPower has made great strides in recent months.