Panasonic joins Solliance project on perovskite solar research


European R&D hub Solliance has today welcomed Japan’s Panasonic Corporation into the fold as an industrial partner specifically concerned with furthering the research and development of perovskite solar cell (PSC) technology.

Panasonic has joined the Solliance program to boost processes that will enable greater roll-to-roll manufacturing of perovskite, aiding research efforts at the Solliance pilot production facilities located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and also at imec’s research lab in Leuven, Belgium.

The Japanese company will conduct a series of feasibility studies concerning the production of roll-to-roll printed PSCs at volume. The aim of the partnership is to create the industry’s most "commercially focused" and "technically capable" efforts yet in bringing mass-produced PSCs to market.

Solliance director Huib van den Heuvel said that Panasonic’s involvement strengthens the industrial participation of one of the PV sector’s most exciting research fields. Active already in the field of thin film PV technology, Solliance’s facilities will be opened to Panasonic’s team to develop greater cross-collaboration and cooperation in PSC research.

Panasonic – which recently achieved a world-record efficiency for its HIT solar module – has been an industrial partner across a number of imec’s research programs for more than a decade, and the company’s Toshihiro Higuchi said that Panasonic is looking forward to working with Solliance.

"Solliance’s roll-to-roll pilot production infrastructure and the know-how related to PSCs is world class," he remarked.