Solar PV rose to 2.8% of Chile's electricity generation in February


Chile’s solar PV plants generated 170 gigawatt-hours in February and represented 2.8% of gross electricity production, according to the latest report from the Center for Renewable Energies (CIFES).

For reference, this is around half the portion of electricity production that PV represents in Germany, but roughly two and a half times higher than the United States. It is also around the same portion as the average in the EU.

Installed solar PV capacity has reached 1.056 GW-AC, 43 MW higher than the capacity reported by CIFES in January. This includes projects which have begun commercial operation and also those in the test phase.

Additionally the capacity of solar PV projects under construction has reached 2.082 GW-AC, all of which are expected to go into operation between March 2016 and June 2018. When these come online solar is expected to represent a similar portion of electricity production as in Italy, currently the leading nation in this regard.

Furthermore, the list of projects continues to grow. In February 14 solar PV projects applied to the nation’s Environmental Assessment Service, which total 839 MW-AC. When concentrating solar power (CSP) projects are included, this number rises to around 1 GW.

Meanwhile, last month four solar projects with a potential of 813-AC MW were given environmental approval. In total, PV projects with environmental approval but which have not begun construction total 11.4 GW.

In the last 13 months 4.13 GW-AC of renewable energy projects have received environmental approval, with PV making up most of this capacity.

Translation and additional reporting by Christian Roselund. For the original article in Spanish, see the pv magazine Latinoamérica website.