Amtech announces USD27 million in 2016 orders


Solar production capacity expansions continue to deliver orders for global PV technology providers. Amtech has seen its solar orders reach $27 million in the first 10 weeks of 2016 alone. Since October 2015, it has booked around $50 million in orders from solar manufacturers.

"We are pleased that the strong level of solar bookings, which started in the December quarter, continued into the March quarter," said Amtech CEO Fokko Pentinga. "With respect to our goal to have a diversified mix of revenues we are encouraged by the signs of some improvement we are now seeing in our electronics and LED businesses."

Across all business segments, Amtech has registered sales of $76 million since October 2015. With business units in the U.S. and Europe, Amtech’s solar enterprises comprise Tempress Systems, R2D Automation and SoLayTec.

In Q4 2015 Amtech reported solar revenues of $12.8 million.