Dominican Republic completes 33.4 MW PV plant in Monte Plata


Monte Plata Phase I solar array has been developed by the Dubai-based Phanes Group, Taiwanese NSP Group and German Soventix. This plant, comprised of 132,000 modules, supplied by NSP, triples the number of solar panels installed in the Dominican Republic. The solar plant is expected to generate 50 GWh of power and cut greenhouse gas emissions of more than 35,729 tons annually. The generated power will be fed into the local power grid under the 20-year PPA.

The Monte Plata solar project consists of two stages; the second stage is set to be completed at the end of this year. Earlier, the government of the Dominican Republic announced that the total capacity of the two-stage project would reach 60 MW. Today, however, developers, Phanes and NSP, say to be aiming for the total of 67 MW. The total investments for the projects are expected to be close to US$110 million.

Dominican Monte Plata PV farm is the largest operating solar plant in the Caribbean to date. This leadership, however, might not last too long, since other island nations in the area are rapidly adopting solar PV. Earlier this month Sonnedix and Yarotek celebrated groundbreaking for a 45 MW-AC solar plant in Puerto Rico, which they expect to connect to the grid by August.