Fourth German solar tender draws 128 MW at average price of EUR 7.41 cents/kWh


Germany’s Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) has today published the results of its fourth solar PV project tender, revealing that the auction attracted 21 successful bids and secured 128 MW of solar projects.

This particular round of projects was for those to be developed on Germany’s arable land, and the competitive price struck – the lowest being €0.0694/kWh – was, according to the Agency’s president Jochen Homann, indicative of solar’s appeal among developers targeting less-favored land and areas.

"The ability to be able to bid for projects on agricultural land in less-favored areas has attracted many bidders," Homann said. "The supplements have once again been identified in the pay-as-you-bid process."

Homann also confirmed that the volume-weighted surcharge value lies at €0.0741/kWh. However, the quota for developing solar PV projects on Germany’s agricultural land has been exhausted for 2016, with around 70 MW set to be developed across 10 winning bids.

Overall, Germany’s fourth tender attracted 108 bids with a total bid volume of 540 MW. Of these, 16 bids were excluded on the grounds that they were faulty or had incomplete documentation.

The industry will now watch with bated breath to see when this latest round of projects will be implemented. The last bidding round in December last year saw the strike price fall to €0.08/kWh, but only a handful of projects from the first three solar tenders have been realized so far.