Yingli signs 200 MW solar module supply deal in Dominican Republic


The European subsidiary of Chinese Tier-1 solar company Yingli Solar has branched out into the growing Latin American market this week by securing a 200 MW supply deal in the Dominican Republic.

Yingli Green Energy Europe has partnered with an unnamed European EPC provider to ship panels into the nation. Thus far, as many as 50 MW worth of solar PV projects are at an advanced stage, Yingli said, with construction expected to begin next year.

The remaining 150 MW worth of solar modules will be shipped between now and mid-2019, which is the time period for Yingli’s exclusivity of supply.

According to Yingli Europe project manager Norman Luth, "headwinds" in the European solar markets have compelled the company to look farther afield for supply opportunities, with the Dominican Republic an ideal market that is both hungry for solar and in need of European expertise.

"We have continued to work alongside our long-term European partners to help support the export of European know-how and experience to emerging markets around the world," Luth said. "This agreement illustrates the success of this approach."

Yingli chairman and CEO Liansheng Miao added that these types of collaborations – allying European EPC proficiency, Chinese production and new-market thirst for solar – represent the "foundations for a cleaner and greener energy future".

Last month, the Dominican Republic inaugurated a 33.4 MW solar PV plant that was the result of a similar collaboration of foreign players, comprising Germany’s Soventix, Dubai’s Phanes Group and Taiwan’s NSP Group. The Monte Plata plant will eventually grow to 60 MW in size once all phases are complete, building upon its title as the largest such installation in the country.

At residential and commercial scale, Dominican Republic’s solar market is also exhibiting encouraging signs of growth, aided by net metering. According to recent data, there is 21 MW of net metered installations nationwide.