NV Energy offers “green rider” for large customers


Nevada-based NV Energy utility offers its customers a new opportunity to subscribe for 50% or 100% renewable energy supply. The company says that it will provide these customers with the energy from a new PV plant to be constructed in Clark County, Nevada.

New service is available to customers with larger than 1 MW of demand and follows the guidelines of Nevada’s NV GreenEnergy Rider initiative.

Today, NV Energy customers are served by 20 geothermal plants, 12 community-scale solar fields, a large wind farm in eastern Nevada and a dozen small hydro and biomass projects throughout the state totaling more than 1.3 GW. And yet, according to the company, some customers wish to use more clean energy.

"Even though all of our customers are already served by more than 40 renewable energy resources located across Nevada, we fully appreciate and applaud the desire of some customers to be served by more renewable energy and to reduce or eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels," said NV Energy’s Vice President of Energy Supply Kevin Geraghty.

Interested customers can submit a customer participation agreement until May 20, 2016. The utility will then contact the applicants on a first-respond, first-serve basis. Completed Renewable Energy Agreements are expected to be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) by August 15.

The approximate energy rate will range between 0.28 and 0.47 $c/kWh. The final rate is to be approved by PUCN.

Last month, NV Energy announced that it had achieved a 21.2% renewable credit level in southern Nevada and 31.3% level in northern Nevada in 2015. The company is now waiting to add two more large-scale project to its solar portfolio – 150 MW Boulder Solar I and II plants near Boulder City and 179 MW Switch Station 1 and 2 north of Las Vegas are currently under construction.

However, despite its growing renewable portfolio, NV Energy has earned itself a bad reputation among solar-advocates for utility’s active resistance to rooftop PV.