Next step in Dubai’s 3 GW solar park to be announced on Thursday


The mega PV plant being proposed in Dubai is advancing step by step, with the next announcement due from the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) on Thursday. Bids worth a total of 800 MW were received from PV developers earlier in the month for the third phase of the solar park, but no decision has been made in regards to those bids.

Dubai plans to have completed the plant by 2030, with an eventual capacity of 3,000 MW, however, previous reports had suggested the target was 5,000 MW. It is being completed in different phases, with the hope that at least 1,000 MW will be being generated by 2020, although current plans would see only 800 MW completed by 2020.

Phase A aims to have 200 MW commissioned by April 2018; Phase B plots another 300 MW of commissioned PV by April 2019; and Phase C aims for a further 300 MW of capacity to be commissioned by April 2020.

Earlier in May, DEWA received five bids from PV developers worth a total capacity of 800 MW. One of the bids raised eyebrows in the solar industry, after submitting a record-low offer of 2.99 US cent per kWh, which industry experts question the feasibility of.

Dubai has a renewable target of 7% penetration by 2020, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park is one of the flagship projects for reaching this target. It has been labeled as an important part of Dubai’s energy diversification initiative, but it remains to be seen whether it will be developed as planned.