SolarWorld donates 50 kW of PV modules for hospital in Haiti


Located in the mountains of Bonne Fin, over five hours away from the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, the modest, 120-bed Hospital Lumière – which conveniently translates as ‘Hospital of Light’ – now has a rooftop solar system, thanks to SolarWorld. The hospital’s PV plant has now reached a capacity of 84 kW, and is intended to supply the hospital with a cheap and reliable source of energy.

50 kW of this system was donated as part of SolarWorld’s Solar2World program, “which provides solar panels for community-oriented, rural-electrification projects in developing economies,” according to a company statement. The goal of this particular system is to reduce Hospital Lumière’s dependence on expensive and faulty diesel generators, which were often subject to maintenance and power disruptions.

“Solar panels require no fuel, moving parts, noise or emissions to do their jobs. For those reasons, they are ideal for powering health-care facilities in energy-restricted locales such as Haiti,” commented Mukesh Dulani, president of SolarWorld Americas Inc. The system was installed on the hospital rooftop by U.S. solar installer Smucker’s Energy.

Before making this donation, SolarWorld had already donated PV systems to four other hospital projects in Haiti. “Our donated solar panels are now powering at least five hospitals in Haiti, demonstrating the clean power of solar to generate electricity for what should be clean, quiet and safe care facilities,” added Dulani.