IBC Solar and Dhybrid enter cooperation for hybrid systems


Hybrid PV systems, which rely on diesel when there is little sunlight, can often act as a suitable compromise for companies that would like to reduce their diesel consumption, but are not in a position to go fully solar. IBC Solar is now looking to take full advantage of that market, by signing a cooperation agreement with Dhybrid Power Systems, an international developer of hybrid applications.

The two companies signed the extensive agreement at the Intersolar Europe 2016 tradeshow in Munich last week, which will see the two parties enter into a long-term cooperation. During discussions they both set out their clear intentions to cooperate in a number of different markets.

The aim of the two companies is that this agreement will see them become a leading provider of diesel-PV hybrid systems, handling every part of the process with its own international network of experts. To achieve this highly skilled network, selected partners of IBC Solar will be trained by Dhybrid.

Dhybrid is often responsible for projects on islands or resorts, and also for industries. One of its more renowned projects to date was a 600 KWp hybrid installation on the Maldivan island of Thinadhoo, which was able to reduce the island’s diesel consumption by up to 40%.