Meyer Burger receives another significant order for its MAiA technology


Meyer Burger’s specialist PERC technology is becoming increasingly popular with PV manufacturers around the world, as the company continues to report large orders for its equipment. The most recent order is from an unnamed Chinese PV manufacturer, the same company that last month placed a CHF 40 million (USD40.6 million) order with Meyer Burger.

The most recent order, worth an estimated CHF 18 million (USD18.3 million), is for the company’s MAiA 2.1 technology upgrade platform with the upgrade cell technology MB PERC. Meyer Burger announced that the delivery and commissioning of the equipment should take place in the final quarter of 2016.

The order that was place the month before, by the same Chinese company, was for Meyer Burger’s DW288 series 3 diamond wire saws as well as its plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition MAiA 2.1 tools, which are used to create PERC solar cells.

These are the latest in a string of significant orders that the Swiss company has received this year. Another Chinese company, JA Solar – one of the world’s largest PV manufacturers – made an order a couple of months ago for its MAiA 2.1 system, its diamond wire tooling and its SiNA cell coating technology. With these orders now streaming in, it is no surprise that the company posted promising preliminary H1 financial results earlier this month, which saw the company enter back into profit.

The company took the risk of investment in PERC technology, with the acquisition of Roth and Rau back in 2011, which looks to be paying off for the company.

“It was a strategic investment that we made when we acquired Roth and Rau,” Meyer Burger CEO Peter Pauli told pv magazine. “Some people said the investment was too expensive at the time, but we made a strategic investment and it has proven to be the right decision. PERC upgrade equipment supply is an important technology pillar for Meyer Burger.”

The company is very pleased with the progression of the technology, which now sees the company’s facilities working at full capacity. “Our factory is fully loaded,” Pauli continued. “We are very pleased that we were able to make this breakthrough and we had to work a long time to achieve this success. We are very happy that we can now fully utilize our R&D achievements in this field. It is a a true success story.“

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