Germany adds nearly 120 MW of PV capacity in June


Germany experienced the highest amount of newly installed solar PV capacity in June. A number of ground-mounted PV plants that began operation boosted overall capacity in the month.

According to the Federal Network Agency, Germany’s solar PV additions in June reached 119.423 MW. Of that, newly registered small PV installations made up 90.48 MW while ground-mounted systems accounted for 28.944 MW. A total of 5,165 small PV systems were registered with the Federal Network Agency in June; of those, 3,713 (with a combined capacity of 66.67 MW) actually went online last month. The remaining plants were either pre-registered or late entries.

Eight new ground-mounted PV plants with a total capacity of 28,944 MW were added to the Federal Network Agency’s registry in June. However, only two plants actually went online last month with just under 9 MW. Five ground-mounted systems with almost 20 MW went online in May but were registered in June. The latest figure remains a fraction of the 120 large-scale PV projects so far auctioned that have been realized.

The bidding deadline for the fifth round of solar PV tenders expired on Monday. The agency will in the coming days issue and publish the winning projects.

Overall, however, Germany’s solar PV growth lags far behind the government’s annual 2.5 GW target. In the first six months of 2016, the country installed 512.77 MW of new solar capacity.

The agency last month announced new feed-in tariffs for the thir quarter, but due to weak PV growth, FIT rates will remain at September 2015 levels. Depending on the size and type of PV systems, FIT rates range between €0.0853 and €0.1231 per kilowatt hour, while the revenue cap for larger systems whose electricity is sold via direct marketing remains at between €0.0891 and €0.1270/kWh.