Tata Power Solar commissions 100 MW plant – India's largest using domestic content


Tata Power Solar, one of India’s largest integrated solar companies, is proud to be completing utility-scale solar projects using domestic content in India’s thriving solar market. This 100 MW plant is the largest to date and was completed well ahead of schedule, making it a stand out project in the country.

Tata’s impressive plant was commissioned for NTPC in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, on a 500-acre site. With a rich ecosystem at the site, the company was careful not to disturb any of the natural environment while completing the installation.

Made using domestically manufactured cells and modules, it fits in with the ‘Make in India’ initiative that the government is promoting. Amazingly, the vast construction was completed almost 3 months ahead of schedule, which is a rarity in the industry.

“Today, pace of delivery and quality have become crucial benchmarks in the industry and we are especially proud to have delivered a project of this scale in record time,” commented Tata Power Solar CEO Ashish Khanna. “By bringing together our core strengths in domestic manufacturing and EPC services over the last 25 years, this 100 MW plant is the largest project commissioned by us to date. We hope to continue to build on our capabilities and deliver other expectations to proficient customers like NTPC.”