Jinko Solar and Heraeus enter into fresh collaboration


German PV materials manufacturer Heraeus has long had a reputation for its high-quality solar products, and now it has a fresh vote of confidence from Chinese PV manufacturer Jinko Solar, who has elected to use Heraeus’ silver paste for its new high-efficiency cells. The move is part of a lon-term strategic cooperation between the two PV heavyweights.

Jinko Solar is using Heraeus’ new front-side silver paste, the SOL9631J Series, for the cells, as it is set to raise their conversion efficiency by over 0.1%. A product that was developed with solar cell manufacturing in mind.

“Heraeus constantly innovates our products and technologies, including customized photovoltaic products and services for Jinko Solar, to enable its next generation of products to advance further,” commented Heraeus Photovoltaics President Andreas Liebheit. “We are convinced that this collaboration with our strategic partner Jinko Solar opens up new prospects for Heraeus‘ customized products in the photovoltaic industry.”

Within the company’s press release, Heraeus pointed to “superior electrical conductivity” and “fine-line printing” for the increase in conversion efficiency. The company also points to the paste’s suitability for high-speed printing.

“Through our highly successful partnership, Jinko Solar and Heraeus have been able to jointly develop this new generation of Heraeus silver metallization paste and successfully integrate it into Jinko Solar’s mass production process, thereby greatly improving the conversion efficiency of their solar cells,” said Jinko Solar CEO Chen Kangping. “We are looking forward to creating further achievements with our strategic partners Heraeus in the future.”