Meyer Burger supplies PV modules for 'solar façade' of Swiss Krono building


Who said renewable energy was an eyesore? The latest glass-glass solar modules that have been fitted to the ‘solar façade’ of the Swiss Krono building in Menznau are quite the opposite. Helping give the building an attractive exterior and supplying it with carbon-free energy.

Known more for its manufacturing equipment, Meyer Burger also makes some high-performance solar modules, and its latest range have been used in the shell of Swiss Krono’s new office building in Menznau, Switzerland. The glass-glass modules used some of Meyer Burger’s innovative technological processes, including PERC coating and SmartWire Connection Technology.

A total of 406 solar panels, which were developed at the Meyer Burger technology and product center in Thun, were used on all sides of the building. The system has a 103 KWp capacity, which will all be used at the site.

In its announcement, Meyer Burger points out that this project shows that solar modules can be an attractive design element for a building. Building integrated PV (BIPV), such as this array at Swiss Krono, has been particularly successful in Switzerland with various attractive developments put up. One example last year was an Emirate Insolaire project that used three-colored solar panels.