SMA intelligent management system now integrates Bosch and Siemens appliances


The German inverter manufacturer and smart technology specialist released its Sunny Home Manager over a year ago now. The impressive management system is a powerful tool for integrating and managing household appliances, possibly giving us a glimpse of how future homes will function.

SMA Solar Technology’s Sunny Home Manager feels like looking into a looking glass into a future, where every appliance is run seamlessly and optimally from one single control box using electricity from a solar array. The most recent development for the tool is the integration of commercially available Bosch and Siemens household appliances, which have the EEBus industry standard and Home Connect functions.

The smart devise works using a few simple principals, namely analyzing weather forecasts to predict how much PV power will be generated, analyzing the consumption patterns of a household, and then creating an optimal schedule for the appliances to run.

With every additional recognized brand that can be integrated in the system, it becomes easier and more accessible. The benefits of the system are simple; it creates a more efficient way of using solar-generated power, thus reducing electricity costs.

“The EEBus communication standard creates a common and manufacturer-independent language for all energy-related appliances in the Smart Home,” commented Sven Schreiber, Executive Vice President of SMA’s Residential business unit. “SMA is one of the first providers to have implemented this trendsetting standard. This allows for optimum coordination between appliances and permits effective reductions in energy costs.”

Business activities of the German company have been going from strength to strength in the last 18 months, posting a very strong financial performance across the board for 2015. The company is on course this year to build upon that success and deliver further growth in sales.