SMA and Sungrow showcase new inverters at Solar Power International


Chinese PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow released two new 1,500 V inverters at Solar Power International in Las Vegas this week, while Germany’s SMA Solar Technology also unveiled an innovative new string inverter designed for commercial PV systems. Both companies expect their new products to be available to the public in early/mid 2017.

Sungrow, having unveiled the world’s first 1,500 V string inverter last month at AsiaSolar, continue this trend with their new SG125HV. The inverter weighs 59 kilos and clocks up a 125 kW capacity. Sungrow will also have a 1,500 V central inverter on the market next year, the SG2500-MV, which is housed in an outdoor cabinet designed for easy access to all serviceable components.

SMA’s latest offering, the Sunny Tripower CORE1, is the world’s first freestanding inverter for commercial applications. This inverter features a 50 kW output and can be scaled up into the megawatt range.

Both companies state that their new offerings are a response to customers calling for simpler installation and maintenance, as well as lower overall costs.

"The groundbreaking design of the freestanding Sunny Tripower CORE1 makes the process of implementing commercial PV systems much more efficient and cost effective," says Nick Morbach, Executive Vice President at SMA’s Commercial Business Unit. "It provides maximum flexibility in design and helps cut project costs significantly for all commercial PV systems up to a multi megawatt range."

Sungrow expect the release of their two new inverters to ultimately result in shifting the entire solar industry to 1,500 V designs. The company states: "The SG125 is a prime example of why 1,500 VDC systems are the next step for the entire industry."