4 GW module shipment landmark passed by Solar Frontier


Spreading your bets is often regarded as a safe business model, which is something that Solar Frontier can attest to as the company has kept a consistent flow of shipments across its network of 60 countries. This is particularly the case within the solar industry, as some markets boom while others collapse, but this varied portfolio of customers has enabled the Japanese company to pass a landmark output of over 4 GW of solar modules.

This is the total cumulative output of its CIS thin-film solar panels, which the company boasts deliver a high grade of power generation, alongside economic advantages. It has managed to convince a great variety of customers of the advantages of its CIS technology, now serving customers in approximately 60 countries, with some of the most recent additions including Somalia and Mongolia.

Solar Frontier’s Kunitomi plant is one of the keys to the company’s manufacturing success, with an annual output of 900 MW of modules. Making sure not to rest on its laurels, the company is continuing to improve its technology, and has now started manufacturing solar panels with an output of 175W as a main product.

The company has also been steadily expanding its production capacity to supply its global customers, recently putting into operation its Tohoku Plant in Miyagi Prefecture, for the production of its CIS modules. When the plant opened, it began producing 150W modules, but the company expects to be producing 180W modules at the facility soon, which it says will offer higher efficiencies at lower cost.