NSP records impressive upturn in revenue


Integrated solar solution provider, based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Neo Solar Power Corporation (NSP) released a special press announcement to reveal that it had improved upon a very disappointing August, to register revenues of NT$ 1,038 million (US$ 32.8 million) for the month of September.

This is a much needed 64.71% improvement on the low August revenues of NT$ 632 million, and has brought a year-to-date cumulative revenue of NT$ 13,389 million as of September 2016. But before anybody starts popping the champagne, this is still a significant 45.15% year on year drop from the NT$ 1,893 million that was posted in the same period last year.

NSP has said that it plans to continue to implement its business plan into the rest of the year, after posting somewhat disappointing financial results in the first half of the year. The company presented a number of factors for the drop, including ongoing efforts to raise production at its plant in Malaysia. This, however, may now have been wrapped up, which may be one of the outstanding factors for the rise in the company’s revenue.

Another big factor that needs to be taken into account is the lower average selling price for its PV modules, while a change in the subsidy regime in China has also seen demand drop off in the second half of the year. However, with this in mind, the company decided earlier in the year to invest US$ 34 million in U.S.-based Greenskies Power.