Solare Datensysteme launches new unit in China


German solar monitory company Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) is opening a new subsidiary in Shanghai as it seeks to expand activities in the Chinese market.

The new firm, known as Solar-Log New Energy Technologies Co. Ltd. (after SDS’ Solar-Log brand), plans to offer innovative products and solutions for customers in what it describes as “one of the world’s most influential and expanding photovoltaic countries.”

“With our experienced new Shanghai team, we will be able to provide comprehensive local support, gather better business intelligence about the specific product requirements for the Chinese market, and deliver customized sales and marketing programs to foster sustainable energy in the most populated country on this planet,” said SDS CEO Frank Schlichting.

Steve Cheung, general manager of the newly launched Solar-Log New Energy Technologies, noted that the transition to clean energy was in full swing.

“In the first quarter of 2016, China installed PV plants with a total output of over 7 GWp. This equals 14% of the 50.6 GWp which were commissioned globally last year. This shows how the Chinese photovoltaic market is growing and the high potential that it has.”

SDS is a subsidiary of Switzerland’s BKW Energie AG.