Huawei to launch residential inverters in Q2 next year


Huawei, one of the world’s leading suppliers of string inverters for large-scale solar installations, will launch next year dedicated products designed to meet the needs of global residential and commercial markets, the company has revealed.

On display at the recent All-Energy event in Australia, Huawei nevertheless has been keen to keep its cards close to its chest on the full details of the new product.

However, in a recent press release, Huawei spoke about a "tipping point" against central inverters in the adoption of string inverters at large-scale, adding: "next year we will build on our success and enter the residential space in Q2".

In 2015, the company shipped more than 10.5 GW of string inverters globally, and is likely to surpass that figure for 2016. pv magazine also understands that Huawei is shaping to hit a global shipment figure of around 16 GW in 2017 – a target no doubt likely to made more feasible if the company can successfully mirror its strategy at large-scale in the various dynamic residential solar markets around the world.

Data from GTM’s Global PV inverter report earlier this year found that Huawei edged out SMA as the leading global supplier in terms of shipments in 2015, utilizing its complete string inverter portfolio to upend the market norms to build a number of mega-solar PV plants.

A key part of Huawei’s growth has been the market acceptance of its FusionSolar solution, which offers digital information of how a PV system is performing through smart data collection and high-speed communications – essentially combining the company’s ICT expertise with its inverter knowledge.

"We will bring the same approach of value generation through digitalization and scale as we have brought to the utility-scale and DG markets," said the Huawei press release.