RENA picks up wet chemistry, junction isolation order from Lerri Solar

RENA has picked up a sizeable production equipment, as the monocrystalline wafer and cell market remains somewhat insulated from the rapid price declines seen in 2H 2016. The German technology provider will ship “a large number” of production tools to China’s Lerri Solar, for mono cell alkaline texturing and junction isolation.

The order is for RENA BatchTex texturing tools (picture below), which have both a compact footprint and high throughput, RENA claims. IPA free alkaline texturing will be carried out on the wet benches.

RENA will also ship its InOxSide+ Inline junction isolation and rear side smoothing equipment to Lerri under the deal. The rear-side process tools are for high efficiency mono production.

“We are very proud that Lerri Solar again relies on the quality of our wet processing

equipment in order to expand their strong position in the highly competitive market of solar cell manufacturers,” said Daniel Rieser, Senior VP for Sales and Services.

Lerri’s Jack Zou added that the deal is partly the result of the “long-term business relationship” between the two firms, and the performance on the RENA equipment.

The order comes at a opportune time for RENA, as production equipment suppliers face a troubling outlook in light of recent stark price reductions for their customers, solar wafer, cell and module producers.

The solar wafer and cell market has been in turmoil in recent months with rapid price declines putting pressure on both Chinese and Taiwanese solar wafer and cell producers. While multicrystalline wafer and cell prices declined rapidly early in Q3, there have been reports of a slight price rebound as demand from Chinese module producers begins to pick up.

The monocystlalline market has been the exception to this trend, with demand for higher efficiency mono wafers and cells remaining more robust. On the back of this, Lerri Solar, and its parent one of the largest mono PV manufacturers Longi, appears well situated to supply the current market.

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