Largest PV plant in Turkey connected to the grid


A promising landmark was reached for solar PV in Turkey this week, as the 9.1MWh Solentegre plant was connected to the grid. It sets a benchmark in size and in licensing, in a country where the solar market is beginning to take off, as momentum starts to build.

The Solentegre solar plant was jointly commissioned by Turkish company Asunim and German company Phoenix Solar, in partnership with the European Development Bank (EBRD). Interestingly, the 9.1 MWh plant, located in Elazig in Eastern Turkey, is the first PV plant that is over 1 MW to be given full government approval through licensing. Previous to this, large-scale plants in Turkey had been a collection of 1 MW systems.

“This renewed successful cooperation with our strategic partners at Asunim will strengthen our joint access to the Turkish market,” commented Head of the Middle East at Phoenix Solar Klaus Friedl. “The experience in planning and building licensed PV systems in accordance with Turkish law adds to our reputation to design and deliver high quality PV power plants on time and on budget and is generating additional business opportunities.”

After receiving full government approval, the plant was constructed in just 4 months, which is particularly impressive considering the rough terrain. It was completed on behalf of Turkish Akfen Renewable Energies, and could represent a genuine starting point for the development of utility-scale solar in the country.

“We are proud to have delivered this second large project on behalf of Akfen Renewable Energies in accordance with Turkish law and after a challenging but eventually successful planning and construction phase,” added Umut Gürbüz, managing partner for Asunim Turkey. “It will contribute to consolidate and increase our already high market share in Turkey.”