Global Solar Council elects GCL chairman as president


The chairman of Chinese solar firm GCL System Integration (GCL SI) has been elected president of the second committee of the Global Solar Council (GSC).

Zhu Gongshan will lead the GSC between December 2017 and December 2019, and has already set out the key areas that his tenure will seek to address, including targeting standardized market development, easing malignant competition, resolving trade disputes and driving a healthy industry ecosystem.

Launched in Paris during COP 21 last year, the GSC is the first dedicated and unified body for the solar industry, and from day one made the case for ending all trade barriers by 2020.

The GCL chairman’s main priorities at the helm of GSC will be to work towards this goal, and Zhu’s acceptance speech was certainly couched in conciliatory and collaborative tones, with talk of sharing successful operating experiences and business models between certain solar markets.

"We will seek to initiate more theme activities in Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Africa, and Latin America, to support and promote PV’s development in those emerging markets," said Zhu.

More tangibly, Zhu will aim to form a solar power development fund that will drive financial innovation across all sectors of the industry, from R&D and innovation to supporting the growth of new markets.

"It’s my greatest honor to be the President of GSC’s second committee," Zhu said. "I promise to leave no stone unturned to promote the global development of the PV industry."

The GSC’s first committee is currently led by Bruce Douglas, the chairman of Solar Power Europe.