Unisun Energy to build China’s largest rooftop PV system with Wanbang Logistics


Located in Zhenzhou City, Henan Wanbang International Agricultural Products Logistics Center is the largest agricultural industry logistics center in Henan Province, as well as one of the largest bases for China’s “Food Basket Project.” With a planned investment of RMB 10 billion (USD 1.5 billion) and a total area of 5,300 m2, the Center aims to provide supply guarantee and a strategic reserve of civil agricultural and related products. And now it plans to have a solar PV system installed on its roof.

The 60 MW distributed PV power plant project, which has already obtained the approval of the local NDRC, and will become the largest rooftop PV project to be built in China. Total investment in the system is expected to reach RMB 500 million (USD 72.5 million).

The project will be split into 3 sections based on the site areas, and its construction is scheduled to take place over 5 phases. Phase I will consist of a 20.4 MW PV facility that will be built on the rooftop of the vegetable and fruit market area; the 20MW Phase II & III will be built on the rooftop of the aquatic products and grain & oil market area; and the 20 MW Phase IV & V will be on the rooftop of the beef and lamb processing and storage area.

Zhenzhou City, as an important transportation hub in China, has the largest train marshalling station in Asia and the largest LTL cargo transfer station in China. The distributed PV project, jointly developed by Unisun and Wanbang Logistics, will be a significant demonstration in the promotion of distributed PV development in Zhengzhou.

“We are very grateful for Wanbang Group’s environmental protection concept and consciousness of social responsibility with great vision,” commented Yisha He, CEO of Unisun. “Unison Energy will definitely ensure that all the investment will land successfully, and will build an excellent example of a high-quality distributed PV power system for China’s PV industry together with Wanbang Group.”

Unisun Energy Group is one of largest distributed power plant investors and clean power suppliers in China, focusing on the development, investment, design, and operation & maintenance (O&M) of distributed PV power stations. The company plans to build 1GW of distributed power plants in China within the next three years.