Ecoppia module cleaning solution chosen for Bhadla Solar Park in India


With the growth of the solar industry worldwide, so comes the growth of innovative solutions to maximize the potential of the technology. Ecoppia believes that it possesses one such solution that could positively impact solar installations worldwide, with a water-free cleaning system for solar panels.

It has been selected to deploy its cleaning technology on 168 MW of a 190 MW PV installation by Solairedirect India, which is a subsidiary of ENGIE Group. This is just a small fraction of the Bhadla Solar Park, that will eventually be 2,255 MW in size.

Ecoppia’s cleaning solution is automated, robotic, and water-free, and can function without the need for external electricity. The benefit of this solution is that it can significantly lower the LCOE by increasing the output of the solar installation.

It is a particularly poignant piece of technology for the solar installations at the Bhadla Solar Park, as, being located in the desert, it often falls victim to dust storms. These dust storms can reduce the energy generation of the solar panels by 40% in just a few minutes, while Ecoppia’s cleaning solution can restore the panels to peak energy production in just a few hours.

“By ensuring cost-effective panel cleanliness on a day-to-day basis, we’ve created a new standard of plant output that is changing the way operators, investors and government view the benefits os solar power,” said Ecoppia CEO Eran Meller.

The standard cleaning service of the panels can be completed by Ecoppia’s technology overnight to avoid obscuring the modules during sunlight hours. Being water-free, the cleaning system is also cost-effective, and saves precious water, in a dry region of the world.

“We expect to harness Ecoppia’s revolutionary cleaning system to dramatically raise output and lower costs,” commented Solairedirect India Managing Director Gaurav Sood. “This type of technological breakthrough not only benefits our own business interests, but the solar energy sector as a whole.”

Within the large desert area in Rajasthan, India, the Bhadla Solar Park will take up a huge 10,000 hectares once the full 2,255 MW of sole PV has been installed, which is indicative of the push for solar energy within India. Ecoppia is looking to take advantage of this recent solar boom, by moving its assembly facilities to India, and by opening a new Asia headquarters in India.