2017 Global Tracker Survey

Tracker update: This July, pv magazine is returning with its global tracker survey of the top international tracking suppliers.

Amid growing efforts to maximize energy capture, solar trackers stand out as a valuable addition to PV power plants in a growing number of key growth markets. Questions as to reliability appear to have been addressed and new flexible designs are opening more challenging sites to tracking solutions.

pv magazine’s annual tracker survey will once again seek to shed light on the key questions facing tracker suppliers and provide valuable insights into growth tracker markets.

The 2017 global tracker survey’s mission is to identify the markets with the highest global number of tracker megawatts installed, as well as the areas for advancement in tracker installation.

With its growing pipeline and increasing number of shipments, the sun-chasing technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in the solar arena, and pv magazine’s survey will again serve as an indicator for its future growth.

The key findings of the 2017 tracker survey will be published in the July edition of pv magazine. Click here to download last year’s survey.

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