Hanersun expands globally with TOPCon solar modules and energy storage solutions


Chinese solar company CSUNPOWER officially became Hanersun on May 1, and at the same time introduced its new TOPCon solar module, HITOUCH 5N. Hanersun’s president, Yunzhou Liu discusses what is behind the name change and what the company envisions for its future.

Hanersun has grown rapidly in the past few years, which attracted a lot of attention in the industry. Can you explain the history and background of this company?

Our company Hanersun, formerly known as CSUNPOWER, was originated from China Electrical Equipment Group (CEEG), which was established in 2004 and played an important role in the history of Chinese solar industry. Before 2018, CEEG is one of the main shareholders of CSUNPOWER.  After June 18, 2018, CSUNPOWER separated from CEEG and operated independently from then on. We have always insisted on providing customers with cutting-edge solar modules, and comprehensive solar solutions for the entire project lifecycle. And on May 1st, 2022, as is known to all, our brand changed to Hanersun officially.

Why did you change your brand from Csunpower to Hanersun?  What is the significance of the name change?

First, the new name Hanersun is a tribute to the past and a longing for the future, representing not only our long journey of innovation and pursuit of excellence, but also our constant effort and commitment to solar industry.  Second, we want our brand to be very unique and easy to remember, sometimes, our clients were confused Csunpower with other brands, and therefore we decided to differentiate us from others creatively and make sure our brand can be well recognized in the future.

What new products did Hanersun bring to this year`s Intersolar Europe?

We brought our new TOPCon module, HITOUCH 5N, to the Intersolar. This new series combines 182mm TOPCon solar cell, multi bus bar (MBB), high density encapsulation with other small design changes, and overall module efficiency of up to 22.4%–all of which makes it an ideal choice for C&I rooftop system and utility-scale solar projects.

In addition, we also brought our newly released storage product HISMART RS to Munich. It’s a low- voltage lithium battery especially designed for residential applications with excellent performance, safe battery technology, and an optimized user experience. The built-in auto recognition function and the plug & play design allow for easy installation, maintenance and capacity expansion.

When will customers see the name change on the modules that Hanersun manufactures?

We have already obtained orders of over 300 MW from customers in Europe and South America. These shipments will have the new name. The first batch of modules bearing Hanersun trademark were shipped from the factory in Yangzhou, China at the beginning of June, which marks the successful brand renewal of the company and the official beginning of global shipment of Hanersun products. Thanks to the thorough preparation of our marketing team, the brand switch has processed smoothly. All of our global clients have been supportive and understanding.

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Besides the existing 1.2 GW module manufacturing facility, what is Hanersun’s next plan?

We are now in the process of negotiating with the government of Xuancheng, Anhui province to implement our next-generation module manufacturing facility. The plan is to invest $30 million for2 GW TOPCON + HJT technology production lines, which should be operational in early 2023 to keep pace with the strong global demand in the field of high-efficiency solar modules. We warmly welcome all the customers to come to the new factory opening ceremony early next year to celebrate Hanersun’s next step in the solar industry.

Will Hanersun continue to manufacture 210 large wafer bifacial and TOPcon modules?

Yes, the 210 bifacial module is our best seller in 2021 due to its high cost performance that makes it perfectly suitable for large-scale power stations. Orders of more than 200 MW 600W+ bifacial modules were shipped last year, which made us one of the major manufacturers of 600W+ bifacial module in the industry.

At the same time, we have been doing research on the next-generation module technology. At present, our TOPCon modules get to mass-produce status and HJT is still in the technical reserve stage. We won’t miss any opportunity to provide our customers with better choices.

 With the name change, will there be any other changes in how or where Hanersun does business?

First of all, I want to emphasize that although we have changed our brand name, we will not change any promise that we made as CSUNPOWER and will continue to guarantee the best quality of our products either already sold out or to deliver in the future, as well as the most professional services to our global clients.

Despite the constant commitment, there will still be changes in our business strategy, we will be more globalized and more localized. We already had branch companies in Japan, the US, Vietnam, and Pakistan to provide services for local customers, and recently we established one more branch company in Netherlands, to expand our localization service map. In the future, we will always pursue the quicker response to the market and contribute our technological strength to the industry.

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