New entrant Solinteg unveils hybrid PV inverter solutions for residential, commercial applications


One new entrant to watch is Solinteg, which was founded in 2022 by solar market veterans. Solinteg, a company name created from the words “solar” “and integration,” offers a range of PV inverters, with solutions to include batteries and EMS, providing complete solutions at a range of power levels.

Solar energy’s indispensable role in the clean energy transition can be taken further, with improved efficiency of PV systems to minimize the energy loss during conversion. Solinteg’s team has focused on usage, storage, and interaction with grids, from the initial concept through to R&D, production, and use. The company seeks next-level intelligent integration with hardware, firmware, big data, and AI, to smartly manage the whole energy system, reduce energy costs, and strengthen energy independence. The goal is to bring a sustainable future closer.

Solinteg has global ambitions, from product sales to support and servicing, and the company’s management team has at least 10 years of PV industry experience. It provides a fresh approach to the PV and energy storage industry, with no legacy of older products causing any delays to its new inverters.

Integ M: The new hybrid inverter

Solinteg’s hybrid inverter, known as the Integ M series is the core offering from the new outfit. The Integ M series acts as the distributed on-grid PV system, controlling and managing energy between generation, storage, load, and grid, for a PV and energy storage system. Aimed at both residential and commercial applications, the Integ M has a power rating ranging between 3 kW to 50 kW, both in single- and three-phase solutions.

For the residential market, the Integ M is available as a single-phase hybrid 3-8kW option, or a three-phase hybrid at 4-12kW and at 10-20kW. For the commercial market, the Integ M scales up to offer three phase 10-20kW and 25-50kW, with maximum 10 units in a parallel operation option, to fulfil the power demands from multiple applications.

As PV manufacturers have increasingly introduced high-power G12(210) and N type PV modules into the market, the maximum current of PV modules continues to rise. Integ M series inverters support high current inputs, with inverters starting at up to 15A and maximum 30A.

With a wide battery voltage range, the Integ M series inverter allows for a flexible battery capacity configuration. Also, with maximum 100A charge/discharge, the inverter can charge and discharge the battery in a shorter time to satisfy demands of energy consumption or trading.

The Integ M’s technical feature list includes a 10ms UPS-level switching for rapid switchover during power outages, strong back-up output function to handle even high inductance loads from air conditions, with a maximum 200% back-up loading for 60 seconds. It has a rated maximum efficiency at 97.6% for the lowest power option rising to 98.8% max. for the 25-50kW spec inverter.

The Integ M has a modern appearance, with an OLED display for local data monitoring, and an aluminum alloy die-casting shell for high reliability and horizontal design for easy installation. It is IP65 rated for protection from water and dust ingress and operates with WiFi and app connectivity. The Integ M is the core component of Solinteg’s MORE platform

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MORE from Solinteg

One of Solinteg’s key selling points is its complete product portfolio, featuring Integ M, O, R, and E products as part of the “MORE” platform, covering energy management and smart metering, and extensible power use and storage, such as with a battery, and/or an EV charger.

The Integ M series of hybrid inverters has already been featured for home and commercial applications, while the Integ O series are residential, commercial and utility-scale inverters for higher power levels up to 125 kW, for use cases without ESS.

The Integ R series is an energy management system device or EMS, providing smart metering, data logging, and intelligent communication via WiFi, LAN and GPRS.

The Integ E series provides extensible options for energy storage, smart power to an EV charger, and smart terminals for products like heat pumps, for a complete solution.

Bringing it together are overall energy solutions. For residential applications, Solinteg offers the Solinteg HomeONE for intelligent energy management for residential generation and load management. The Solinteg ParkONE offers intelligent energy management for commercial applications. The integrated controller with optimized coordination ensures excellent performance and high reliability, with multi-level topology providing high efficiency as well.

Solinteg’s strategy

 Solinteg has committed to retaining an R&D staff of at least 40% of its employees, with a management team featuring PV industry veterans. The company plans to establish three operation centers as part of its global development ambitions, including in China for the Asia-Pacific market, one in Germany to cover EMEA, and a US operation for the Americas as well. Solinteg has committed to developing local channels and partnership on production, sourcing and warehousing to meet local demand.

Solinteg will also establish local offices in India, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil to provide local support and servicing, offering improved O&M options for installers and customers.

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