PV modules made in Germany – Soluxtec unveils DMMXSCNi, its first n-type solar module


Soluxtec has announced that starting from week 16 in 2023, all its production lines have been switched in order to produce to the company’s latest n-type PV module. As one of the first German / European PV module producers, Soluxtec is now ready to follow the strong demand of its customers for a high-class PV module that’s made in Germany.

At the beginning of Q4 in 2022, Soluxtec had already started to consider a switch from PERC to n-type PV modules. “In the same way, we have been the first PV module manufacturer in Germany, having been able to offer to our customers M10 Half Cut Cells beginning in September 2021. We are pleased to again be one of the first – if not even the first one – in Germany offering n-type TOPCon modules from this month on to our partners,” explains Soluxtec CEO Tim Leutert.

Soluxtec CEO Tim Leutert


“All the production lines of Soluxtec´s Factory 2 have been switched to offer our customers the latest development, letting our partners enjoy an efficiency of more than 22% for the first time. Higher efficiencies are expected within the next months,” said Soluxtec CTO Julien Zanini. “For me, it was clear already in Q4 of 2022 that we needed to provide a product with higher efficiency and better LCOE than the current standard in the PV industry,” he added.

More than 500MW in year 2023

Soluxtec expects a volume of more than 500MW in 2023 from its Factory 2, which is expected to lead to better prices compared with current European PERC production. The volume is available through Soluxtec’s historical distribution partners.

The company says its challenge was to find an attractive balance between prices, efficiency, and “Made in Germany” production for the new product, as the obsolete PERC p-type technology no longer has a future.

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DMMXSCNi offers a favorable LCOE

“There are so many differences that make n-type modules better compared to PERC,” explains Zanini. He adds that in addition to a higher efficiency, a better warranty performance, and the fact that the modules are not susceptible to Light Induced Degradation, the company’s partners will have a chance to enjoy the state-of-the art in the mainstream solar industry.

The outlook for Soluxtec

The company confirms that it will be making a new investment of about 1GW in n-type solar cell technology in order to meet the high demand for solar solutions “Made in Germany” for Europe and the United States in 2024. Soluxtec is currently benchmarking the upcoming trends, such as HJT or IBC back contact cells, either by modifying the company’s existing Factory 1 or by establishing a new Factory 3.

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