Tongwei showcases green manufacturing at Yancheng Base


Against the backdrop of intensifying competition in the global PV industry, the Tongwei Solar Technology Yancheng Base exhibits the company’s technological innovation and eco-friendly manufacturing advancements. Construction, from ground-breaking to the completion of the first module, took only 145 days.

The Yancheng Base adopts a 5G+ digital management model to facilitate whole process. Intelligent configuration and automated optical inspection significantly enhance production efficiency and improve quality control. Deploying automated guided vehicle (AGV) carts and an intelligent material distribution system ensures accurate material delivery to targeted workshops. Furthermore, the application of stereoscopic warehouses achieves effective connection between production and inventory, further reducing labor intensity and improving turnover efficiency.

Green manufacturing practice

Tongwei Solar integrates green concepts throughout the entire product manufacturing process, continuously upgrading its intelligent manufacturing to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The company tracks its supply chain and carbon footprints, and has received no less than 33 domestic and foreign carbon footprint certificates.

Material suppliers undergo audits by the procurement, quality, and technical departments. Raw materials must go through an internal new material import process and pass validation tests before being included in the bill of materials. The manufacturing execution system can be utilized for configuring, querying, and documenting data concerning production materials. Various links such as silicon material mixing ratios, silicon wafers, cells, and modules must strictly adhere to carbon footprint certification requirements. In addition, Tongwei Solar’s recycling is carried out in accordance with the general technical requirements for recycling of PV modules.

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Innovation and product upgrades

In the realm of technological innovation, Tongwei Solar has consistently increased its R&D investments and achieved breakthroughs in HJT technology. The company’s THC-G12 module reached a peak output power of 762.79 W and a conversion efficiency of 24.56%, according to testing by third-party assessment body TÜV SÜD.

Simultaneously, in the realm of tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) technology, the TNC-G12R 66 large rectangular module can achieve a power output of 625 W after design optimization. This represents a power increase of over 40 W and an efficiency increase of up to 0.5% compared to the TNC-M10 72 module. This advancement effectively reduces the balance of system cost and the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), showcasing outstanding performance. By maintaining a module width of 1,134 mm and increasing the length to 2,382 mm, the packing efficiency is enhanced, resulting in reduced transportation costs.

The TNC-G12 module leverages Tongwei Solar's self-produced large square cells, enabling a power output of 720 W. This marks a power increase of 130 W and an efficiency improvement of 0.38% over the TNC-M10 72 module. Based on system yield analyses conducted across 10 representative global project sites, the TNC-G12 modules demonstrated an average decrease in LCOE of 2.64% compared to the TNC-M10 72 bifacial modules, with the highest reduction reaching 4.30%. In utility-scale power plants, the TNC-G12 modules exhibit significant application advantages.

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