Ampace’s new UniC series products eliminate liquid cooling, air conditioner for energy storage


Ampace is showcasing its new UniC series of all-in-one outdoor energy storage solutions at ees Europe 2024 in Munich. The UniC C1 system has a capacity of 92 kWh and is suitable for small commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, while the recently launched UniC C5 system has a capacity of 256 kWh and is fitted for medium C&I applications.

The UniC series boosts cycle life close to 11,000, which means very low capacity fading and a longer battery life. Ampace's Full Temperature Range Control Technology uses a simplified architecture that abandons the traditional liquid cooling and air conditioner and enables battery operation in a wide range of temperatures.

At the cell level, Ampace has adopted a new anode, a positive electrode, a new electrolyte material, and a two-sided tab structure, named Kunlun, which effectively improves the high temperature resistance of the battery cell and ensures the high reliability and long-cycle performance of the battery in different working environments.

According to Ampace, its Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner technology slashes maintenance costs from EUR 800 to EUR 200 annually and also reduces operation downtime. Conventional systems lose 7.0% or 3.5% of throughput due to air conditioner or liquid cooling energy consumption, respectively, while the UniC series cuts this to just 1.56%.

What’s more, the UniC Series can accommodate 1 constant power (CP). This versatility is suited for fast-charging stations, frequency regulation, virtual power plants (VPPs), and hybrid applications.

Ampace expects to begin mass production of the UniC C5 and UniC C1 systems in December 2024.

The UniC C5 system, which has both high economy and high reliability, fully meets the current and future industrial and commercial storage application scenarios such as 5G base stations, IDCs, and optical storage.

Ampace says it will have the data center market as a main focus, due to the fact that power supply has become the major challenge for data centers. Ampace is taking the initiative and using innovations in lithium-ion batteries to develop for hyperscalers, colocation, and enterprise data center customers.

Ampace develops and manufactures a full range of products, from cell-BMS-Pack to integrated systems. Its solutions support not only intelligent manufacturing features like real-time data analysis and fully automated production, but also technical accumulation, which ensures quality improvement and caters to safer and more reliable applications.

The technical combination at multiple levels allows the company to more quickly meet demands of different industries and clients, to fit all kinds of niches, and to work with clients to innovate business models.

According to Gaogong Industrial Research Ltd, Ampace tops Chinese enterprises in the global sales volume of residential energy storage products. In 2023, Ampace launched the Kunlun ultra-long cycle battery cell, with an up to 20-year lifespan and capable of 15,000 charge-discharge cycles.

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