TCL introduces smart home energy solutions to make clean energy more accessible


What technological advancements are featured in TCL’s new n-type TOPCon cell and PV modules?

William Li: Our new PV modules, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, feature advanced n-type G12R TOPCon cells. These cells are highly efficient, generate more power, and resist heat and light degradation. They have a low degradation rate of 0.40% and a low-temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃, ensuring superior performance over 30 years. Three-Cuts Technology enhances reliability by reducing internal power loss and hot spot risks. The overlapping cells eliminate inactive zones, boosting output and improving performance under shading.

What improvements to energy yield and efficiency have been realized in these new products?

William Li: Our new products enhance energy yield and efficiency through advanced PV module technology and the all-in-one TCL Home app. The n-type G12R TOPCon cells and the Three-Cuts Technology boost performance by minimizing power loss and eliminating inactive zones, resulting in module efficiencies of 23.2% and sustained high energy output of 730 W. It allows real-time monitoring and intelligent control, maximizing solar energy utilization and reducing waste. TCL is probably the only vendor in the residential market that provides the same brand products with one management system to reduce the complexity for installers and individual consumers.

How does TCL’s Smart Home Energy Solution help homeowners lower their levelized cost of energy (LCOE)?

William Li: TCL’s Smart Home Energy Solution lowers LCOE by integrating solar panels, energy storage, heat pumps, and smart EV charging into one cohesive system. The TCL Home app optimizes energy usage, reducing waste. Our peak-valley arbitrage feature allows the system to store electricity when prices are low and use or sell it when prices are high, maximizing savings. High-quality components ensure long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs. The efficient design of our heat pumps increases air volume and heat exchange efficiency, further reducing energy consumption and costs. Additionally, TCL Home manages home appliances, enabling smart energy management that aligns with appliance demand to achieve individual LCOE targets.

William Li, General Manager of Overseas Business, at TCL PV Tech’s booth

Image: TCL PV Tech

How do the new solutions integrate technologies for owners of electric vehicles?

William Li: TCL’s new solutions integrate EV technologies by offering smart chargers that balance charging power during peak hours and prevent overloading. Users can set accurate charging times via their mobile phones and manage everything through the TCL Home app. We ensure eco-friendly charging by using stored solar energy, reducing the carbon footprint and costs. Our advanced communication systems support multiple communication modes and international protocols, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

How will the partnership between TCL PV Tech and BNP Paribas benefit homeowners?

William Li: BNP Paribas Group's cooperation with TCL Group started in 2004. TCL is a global strategic client of BNP Paribas Group, one of TCL's main commercial banks in the European region.

The breakthrough in consumer finance products between TCL PV Technology and Consors Finanz, a brand of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, is not only a further strengthening of the relationship at the strategic cooperation level, but also a joint effort to promote sustainable projects and contribute to the global low-carbon environmental protection cause.

Additionally, TCL will design tailor-made solutions for homeowners with the best cost-effective offering, the simplest user interface via TCL Home, and the most reliable services to benefit homeowners and installers, as well as our channel partners.


The questions and responses in this sponsored interview article were provided by TCL PV Technology. 

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