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Indian manufacturer plans new lithium battery factory

India's Sanvaru is expanding its lithium battery production capacity to 400 MWh per year by setting up a new factory in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Its devices are used for stationary and EV storage.

Solar-powered residential heating system based on storage heaters

Spanish heating specialist Elnur Gabarron offers a residential heating system that works with surplus solar power and storage heaters. The system can work as a backup solution, combined with existing conventional heating, or as a household's main heating...

Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell with TOPCon structure hits 27.6% efficiency

A research group led by Chinese manufacturer JinkoSolar has developed a tandem perovskite-silicon cell with a subcell based on TOPCon tech. The group succeeded in reducing voltage losses in the silicon sub-cell by minimizing the shunting probability duri...

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The pressing need for powerful storage: Technology trends, safety optimization, and challenges for deployment

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Delivering value in the APAC region

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Navigating the UFLPA: Geopolitical Risk in the PV Supply Chain

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High performance at scale with HJT

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The potential of renewables and EV charger integration for residential homes: what difference can it make?

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Markets & Policy

IFC announces $150 million credit line, with focus on African solar

Egypt's Elsewedy Electric, which has developed solar and storage projects on its home continent, has secured a new financing package, according to International Finance Corp.

Hybridizing floating solar with hydropower

Scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have said that the combination of floating solar with hydropower could reduce PV curtailment.

Taiwan maintains FIT rates for rooftop PV

The Taiwanese authorities have decided not to reduce feed-in tariffs for PV, as initially planned, in order to support more solar deployment. The country added around 1.9 GW of new solar capacity last year.

Mitsubishi Electric unveils power-switching transistor for solar

Mitsubishi Electric's new 2.0kV LV100 semiconductor device is based on its insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology and Relaxed Field of Cathode (RFC) diodes. It is designed for industrial applications that need “middle-ground” power conve...

Storing solar power via borehole thermal energy storage

A Chinese-Finnish research group has proposed the use of seasonal, soil-based thermal energy storage in combination with photovoltaics in residential districts. They have found that the hybrid concept could cover up to 58% of total heating demand.

Press Releases

Arctech Announces Signing of 168MW SkyLine Project with Comerc Energia in Brazil

Arctech Arctech, the world's leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced the new big signing of a project portfolio s in Brazil, namely the 168MW SkyLine Project with Mori Energia, the Distributed Generation arm of Comerc Energia, showcasing the company’s dedication to deepening the market penetration in Brazil and expanding its footprint in Latam region and beyond.

GoodWe achieves No.3 ranking in Australia, for total MW shipped in 2021, and is ranked 6th globally

The 2021 market share report released by IHS Markit now part of S&P Global, estimates that GoodWe was ranked as the No. 3 PV inverter supplier in Australia for shipment terms, and is ranked 6th globally.

Triple confirmation of sustainability: three REC solar panels receive Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

REC Group, an international pioneering solar energy company headquartered in Norway, is pleased to announce that the company has received Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) from EPD Norway for the REC Alpha Pure, TwinPeak 4 and N-Peak 2 solar panels.

Greencells achieves significant sales and earnings growth in fiscal year 2021

Greencells GmbH, a globally active EPC and O&M service provider for utility-scale solar power plants, generated consolidated sales of EUR 110. 5 million in the challenging fiscal year 2021.

Opinion & Analysis


Rays of solar hope for Europe: A Midsummer reflection

For centuries, cultures in Europe have marked their calendars to celebrate Midsummer and the Summer Solstice. Traditionally a time to enjoy bright evenings, and the light and hope of the sun, the Summer Solstice falls on June 21. On the longest day of sunlight in 2022, Europe has much to hope for. After difficult pandemic years, enduring cost of living and energy price hikes, and the on-going, unprovoked, Russian war on Ukraine, Midsummer gives us a small moment to reflect on, and hope for, brighter times ahead.

As EVs drive off with Li-ion supply, the push to stationary storage alternatives accelerates

The throes of a lithium shortage are increasingly upending long-term supply strategies and stoking demand for alternative technologies for stationary energy storage projects. Once seen as synonymous with renewable batteries, stationary Li-ion faces strong headwinds due to rapidly accelerating demand from the automotive sector as EVs capture the mainstream.

No end to solar supply/demand imbalance

The solar supply chain problems that began last year with high prices and polysilicon shortages are persisting into 2022. But we are already seeing a stark difference from earlier predictions that prices would decline gradually each quarter this year. PV Infolink’s Alan Tu probes the solar market situation and offers insights.

Three battery energy storage trends for the electrification of everything

As we closed out the first quarter of 2022, the energy storage industry continued to show stunning growth. When scrolling through the news, reading studies, and attending events, one can’t help but notice how critical battery energy storage is to a myriad of markets and industries. As innovative technologies emerge at a breakneck pace, they reveal three key trends in both market priorities and the sector’s current and future direction.

Ukraine: Is there a pessimistic solar scenario? No!

Vitaliy Daviy is the CEO of emerging markets focussed cleantech organization IB Centre Inc. and holds an optimistic view of Ukraine’s sector after the war. According to him, the country has the keys to energy independence and security.

Lithium-ion storage: A much-needed development to support the rise of renewables in the coming decades

On Feb. 10 in Belfort, President Emanuel Macron announced his vision for the French global energy industry to 2050. He reaffirmed France’s desire to massively develop renewable energies as intermittent sources on top of the baseload provided by the nuclear industry whose revitalization has already made headlines since. Macron claimed they are “the only means to meet [our immediate energy needs] in a profitable and competitive way”. By 2050, the capacity of the French solar park should be multiplied by more than 10 to exceed 100GWp, while the onshore wind capacity could double to reach 37GW. Offshore wind power should also experience a real take-off as France aims to develop and build 40GW over the same period.



Irena gives latest update on stark chances of electricity access for all by 2030

The International Renewable Energy Agency's latest annual report on the progress towards UN sustainable development goal seven estimates 670 million people will still lack electricity in 2030, and more than 2 billion will be reliant on unhealthy, polluting cooking methods.

Poland prioritizes renewables in pandemic-recovery plans

It should come as no surprise that clean energy spending is a big chunk of Warsaw’s four-year EU grant and loans package, given that the nation’s grid-connected solar capacity rose from 3.99 GW at the end of 2020 to 6.3 GW four months ago, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Irena fleshes out chilling effect of Covid on off-grid solar

The clean power numbers published annually by the International Renewable Energy Agency provide a snapshot of the global solar market and, this year, a lot of figures were unchanged from the previous dataset, especially in the off-grid segment.

Indebted Chinese developer spells out obligations in unaudited figures

Covid-19 has left Shunfeng International’s accountants unable to publish its official 2021 numbers on time, but its estimated figures announced a net current liability of almost $155 million and a “capital deficiency” of near $140 million.

The sun is still shining on poly makers but solar developers struggling in China

Polysilicon maker Xinte is forging ahead with a huge expansion strategy just as solar developers at the opposite end of the industry continue to bleed cash.

African Development Bank offers local-currency credit to Nigeria’s clean power developers

Lack of locally-denominated finance, and of sufficiently long-term loans, are well established hurdles to the development of photovoltaics in Africa.

Markets & Policy


At what cost?

Subsidies for PV projects are a divisive topic in European countries. Mistakes of the past hang over fresh decision-making processes. Experts argue that changing market conditions are making even months-old schemes too generous, while missing the real issues.

Lebanese bank introduces solar loan scheme for households

Lebanon’s Banque De L’Habitat is rolling out a new scheme to provide loans to help Lebanese households buy and install PV systems. It is running the scheme with the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), which is providing technical assistance.

Tesla big battery operator fined for breaching Australian power rules

The operator of the 150 MW/193 MWh Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia has been fined AUD 900,000 ($620,470) for failing to provide essential services to maintain the stability of the grid.

Mobile solar-plus-storage unit for offgrid applications

Enerwhere has designed a solar-plus-storage mobile unit for offgrid locations such as oil and gas fields and construction sites. It can be adapted to different needs and is scalable up to megawatt-scale projects.

California ruling simplifies grid-connection process for distributed solar, storage

The California Public Utilities Commission has introduced a new rule to streamline the interconnection process for distributed energy resources.

Chinese fishery hosts 70 MW solar plant with high-power modules

Concord New Energy has connected a new 70 MW solar plant to the grid in China. The project, which is situated on a pond, also supports fish and shrimp aquaculture. Trina Solar supplied 670 W solar panels for the installation.



The dawn of deep green solar

The importance of biodiversity on solar farms is coming into sharper focus, due to the intersecting forces of sustainable finance and the UK Environment Act. These positive influences will likely change the way the industry and the public view solar farms, as they evolve into biodiversity hotspots that lead the recovery of nature. Everoze Partner Ellie van der Heijden discusses how boosting biodiversity can be an opportunity for solar developers and investors to increase their positive impact.

India’s first fractionally owned, ground-mount solar plant

A 5 MW open-access solar project in the Indian state of Karnataka has become the nation’s first fractionally owned, ground-mount PV plant. Bengaluru-based Pyse is financing the $3.3 million project through its investment platform.

Netherlands to build 10 GW national network for green hydrogen

The Netherlands is planning a €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) green hydrogen network that will consist of 85% recycled natural gas pipes. It is expected to go online in 2027.

Thermo-acoustic heat pump for residential applications

Dutch researchers have developed a heat pump that can be used in combination with rooftop solar generation, due to its modulating capabilities and temperature flexibility. It measures 55 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm and has an output of 6 kW.

Romania introduces new rules for solar on agricultural land

Romania is set to put new solar regulations into force through the end of 2026. The rules will allow PV, wind, biomass, bioliquid, biogas, storage projects, and transformer stations to be built directly on land in several previously prohibited fertility classes.

Turkey’s 1 GW PV tender concludes with final average price of $0.031/kWh

The Turkish authorities will provide winning projects in the nation’s latest solar tender with 15-year power purchase guarantees. Domestic content requirements for equipment have played an important role in the procurement exercise.



Blocking the big winds

Several manufacturers now offer trackers fitted with blocking mechanisms to increase wind resistance and make trackers behave more like fixed structures. Some companies even retrofit such mechanisms to existing tracker projects. pv magazine Spain’s Pilar Sanchez Molina investigates the efficacy of blocking mechanisms and other strategies to deal with high wind loads.

Perovskite-CIS tandem solar cell with 24.9% efficiency

German researchers have developed a new PV cell with a certified efficiency of 23.5%, an open-circuit voltage of 1.59 V, a short-circuit current of 19.4 mA cm–2, and a fill factor of 75.5%. It reached maximum efficiency of up to 24.9%, due to the high quality of the subcells.

Glass pyramid concentrator for solar cell applications

Stanford University scientists have built an optical concentrator that purportedly harvests more than 90% of the light that hits its surface.

Recycling options for PV panels, batteries could drive circular economy, says NREL

Renewable hardware that lasts longer and uses fewer materials could bolster recycling efforts and help to build an effective circular economy for solar and battery technologies, says the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Indian researchers develop tech to stop dendrites in solid-state lithium batteries

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have found that nanoscopic refractory metal layers like tungsten could improve dendrite growth tolerance in electrolytes of solid-state Li-ion batteries. The team collaborated with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University.

New pricing mechanism for pumped-hydro storage in India

A new report recommends a differential pricing mechanism for pumped-hydro energy storage (PHES) projects in pumping (off-peak operation) and generating mode (peak operation).



The great EU solar manufacturing reset

“We need to bring manufacturing back to Europe and the [European] Commission is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen,” EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said at the opening of SolarPower Summit 2022. Her words rocketed around the solar community, boosting share prices and invigorating the European solar industrial mission, writes SolarPower Europe CEO Walburga Hemetsberger, as she lays out the actions needed for solar-power EU energy independence.

Chinese polysilicon producer shuts down factory due to fire

East Hope has halted production due to a fire at its factory in the Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone, in China’s Xinjiang region. pv magazine recently spoke with polysilicon analyst Johannes Bernreuter about the possible consequences of the fire on the supply chain.

pv magazine Roundtables Europe 2022: Which battery to choose?

Amid growing concerns about the global supply of raw materials, which battery chemistries have the best chance, if any, of supplanting lithium-ion devices?

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Almaden secures glass order from Trina Solar

Almaden and Trina Solar have signed a long-term solar glass supply deal, while Growatt has revealed plans to list shares in Hong Kong. PV glassmaker Xinyi, meanwhile, has issued a gloomy profit outlook for the first half of 2022.

pv magazine Roundtables Europe 2022: Back to the future

Down below, you can see a quickfire summary of some of the events held and points raised on day one of pv magazine‘s Roundtables Europe event.

Lithium-ion fire fears spark recall of 433,000 solar LED umbrellas in US, Canada

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada have issued a joint recall of patio umbrellas due to fires caused by the overheating of lithium-ion batteries.

Energy Storage


Diversity, demand blooms, supply crunch looms

A review of the German distributed battery energy storage market reveals healthy demand, a growing portfolio of products, and the ability to readily couple devices within homes and businesses. Cornelia Lichener, from pv magazine Germany, has compiled the “2022 Storage for Home and Small Business” market overview. Consumer demand is high, but component bottlenecks are constraining supply, she reports in the first part of her analysis.

The Hydrogen Stream: FAW Jiefang wraps up delivery of fuel cell vehicles in China

FAW Jiefang has completed a large fuel cell vehicle order in China, while chemical producer Linde has opened one of the world’s largest hydrogen refueling stations for trains. The European Investment Bank, meanwhile, has announced new funding for green hydrogen research in Italy.

California moves closer to opt-in dynamic pricing to balance renewables

Opt-in dynamic pricing of electricity, which could help to balance renewables generation while lowering electric bills for participants and non-participants, is now on deck for a decision in California.

Decentralized plant to convert ammonia into hydrogen

Spain’s Tecnalia is developing a facility that will provide provide clean fuel for a hydrogen bus fleet in Birmingham, England.

Linear generator running on hydrogen, ammonia

Mainspring Energy, a US linear generator specialist, has adapted its technology so its generators can run on hydrogen and ammonia. It said the generators can ramp up and down quickly via solar, with the ability to dynamically switch between different kinds of fuels.

Four-mode hydrogen plant to accommodate renewables

Bio-FlexGen, an EU research project, seeks to develop a combined heat and power plant (CHP) system with hourly, daily and seasonal flexibility via hydrogen production from biomass.

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