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The weekend read: Bridging the BIPV gap

Architects and construction companies are being offered an ever-growing array of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products, with their needs for safety, speed of construction, and aesthetics in mind. But can it drag BIPV beyond niche status?

Dutch transmission system operator releases online map showing available grid capacity

The interactive map gives solar and wind project developers, as well as regional grid operators direct insight into where and how much capacity is available at Tennet's high-voltage stations.
Markets & Policy

Canal in Spain may host 160 MW solar plant

The government of Spain's Navarra region has approved a 160 MW solar project planned by the local renewable energy association Anpier. The plant is to be deployed on the Canal of Navarra, which is one of the country's largest artificial irrigation canals.

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Efficiency is key: The decision criteria for home storage solutions

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Competitive and sustainable: The future of back contact technology

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The September edition is packed with the latest insights into:

  • Solar in the United States
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  • High power modules

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Freedom to operate your energy storage at will

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Bringing big data together for monitoring and operations efficiency

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Modern solar monitoring – key to increasing system efficiency and performance

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PV on the northern roof – a proposition for the cold season

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Reasons for repowering

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Energy Storage

The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen highway through Central Europe

Elsewhere, the German government wants to allow the testing of hydrogen production from offshore electricity, while a French consortium intends to promote the use of hydrogen at airports and build a European airport network to accommodate future hydrogen...

Interface engineering for a stable, 23.4% efficient perovskite solar cell

Scientists led by Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fedérale de Lausanne (EPFL) demonstrated a simple approach to designing the interface between two layers in a perovskite solar cell, which was shown to improve both the performance and stability of ...

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Rising solar glass prices and a major polysilicon supply deal

Shuangliang Eco-Energy has agreed to buy a total of 134,950 MT of polysilicon from two different manufacturers. Furthermore, the Chint group said it wants to deploy another 3 GW of rooftop solar and PV InfoLinks reported on rising glass prices.

Circular economy could support India’s push for clean energy, self-reliance

The recovery of valuable raw materials from end-of-life solar panels and batteries presents a great opportunity for India to secure future supplies as the nation chases its ambitious renewable energy targets.

Frameless glass-glass solar modules made in Europe have the best CO2 footprint, Fraunhofer ISE says

The German research institute has compared the CO2 emissions of glass-glass and glass-backsheet solar modules manufactured in Germany, the EU and China, and found glass-glass modules enable an additional emissions reduction ranging between 7.5 to 12.5% c...

Press Releases

Exploring the Prospective Value of the Industry-pioneering MW-level UPS+ESS Integrated Solution

Justin Wahid Rangooni, executive director of the Trade Association Energy Storage Canada, recently stated that in order to achieve Canada's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and avoid falling behind in the competition of global energy system modernization, more potential and value of energy storage systems should be brought into play.

Fimer to power up Intersolar 2021 with new innovative solutions

Fimer is set to unveil its new era of technologies at Intersolar 2021, including the world premiere of its ‘best-in-class’ platforms for residential applications.

Jolywood talked on TOPCon Industrialization Technology Seminar

TOPCon Industrialization Technology Seminar was held by Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic and Energy Conservation Materials (CAS) and well-known solar technology media Mole PV on 17 September 2021.

Up to €80 million funding for Recap Energy to build Spanish and Portuguese solar C&I portfolio

Recap’s industrial and commercial solar rooftop and energy solutions in Spain and Portugal reached first closing of up to 80 million EUR in funding for its solar PV platform.

Opinion & Analysis


The world’s largest solar parks

In the third of a series of four blogs, solar pioneer Philip Wolfe lists the world’s largest solar parks. In these articles, a “solar park” is defined as a group of co-located solar power plants.

Trolley car conundrum

The U.S. solar industry faces a moral dilemma, writes Paula Mints of SPV Market Research. Either continue to deploy projects and set aside concerns about forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region, or source PV cells and modules from elsewhere, while bearing higher costs, in the pursuit of urgent action against climate change.

Polysilicon amid international trade disputes

Polysilicon capacity is unable to catch up with rapid capacity expansion in the mid and downstream segments, writes Corrine Lin, chief analyst for PV InfoLink. New polysilicon capacity requires big capex investment and a lead time of more than two years to complete construction and reach full operation. With unbalanced capacity between the upstream and downstream segments, polysilicon prices have been rising since the second half of 2020, with prices for mono-grade polysilicon surpassing CNY 200/kg ($27.40) in June 2021, up more than 250% year on year.

The world’s largest solar power plants

In his second article, Philip Wolfe founder of Wiki-Solar lists the world’s largest individual solar PV power plants. The biggest solar parks and other clusters of plants will be listed in subsequent blogs.

Global tracker shipments reached 45 GW in 2020

The global single-axis tracker market increased shipment volume by 40% year on year to reach 45 GW in 2020. This was despite significant pandemic-related supply chain turbulence that resulted in longer lead times for the delivery of components, the idling of steelmaking capacity in some key markets, container shipping dislocation, and widespread restrictions, particularly at ports. Most notably, this caused the cost of some commodities, such as steel, to more than double between 2020 and 2021. Jason Sheridan, a senior research analyst for IHS Markit, runs through some of the key developments in the tracker market.

IHSM clean energy insights: The 30 largest EPC PV system providers took 28% of the global market in 2020

This summer, IHS Markit published its annual global ranking of EPC providers that build in-house developed and third-party PV projects, based on last year’s installations. 2020 was a year of many contradictions, with lockdowns and increasing component prices taking their toll on many of the companies, both large and small. At the same time, EPC providers with their main share of business in mainland China and the United States had a remarkable year.



EU raises another €9bn for Covid recovery

The latest, seven-year investment attracted offers worth more than €100 billion from investors and means the European Union has already generated €54 billion of the €80 billion of bond proceeds it is aiming for this year, as part of its five-year, €800 billion NextGenerationEU support package.

Is it time for the world to start thinking about 1.7C?

A note issued by Norwegian analyst Rystad has hinted it may be time to consider abandoning the 1.5-degree average global temperature rise ceiling agreed upon in Paris six years ago, because the world will never be able to pump out enough solar panels in time.

EU to start auctioning green bonds next month

An independent third-party has approved the European Commission’s safeguards to ensure the projects in member states financed by €250 billion of green bonds over the next five years, will have genuine emission reduction credentials.

International group offers $68m loans for struggling off-grid clean energy distributors

‘More than 90’ suppliers of appliances such as solar lanterns and home solar panels, as well as mini-grid installers, will be offered low-interest credit by an assortment of government-backed and privately-financed entities.

‘The chance to reset with a green recovery has now been lost’

Norwegian consultancy DNV today published the latest of its annual surveys of the state of the energy transition and lamented the fact so very little has been achieved during the last five years. We are forging ahead into a world that will be 2.3C hotter this century, predicts the report.

‘Polysilicon shortage will continue through 2021’

The latest global PV industry outlook published by trade group SolarPower Europe, has indicated tight supply of the solar panel raw material is expected to persist this year but the trade body said it would be unlikely to drive further price rises.

Markets & Policy


Indonesia’s coal exit plan

Indonesia, the second-biggest coal exporter in the world, is now taking more steps to reduce its dependency on “black gold” as it starts to consider clean energy.

Iberdrola, Prosolia to build 1.14 GW solar project in Portugal

Prosolia has confirmed to pv magazine that the project will be built in Santiago do Cacém, about 200 kilometers south of Lisbon. The plant will employ Tesla batteries.

PV-powered autonomous sea access for people with disabilities

Greek startup Tobea has developed a PV-powered platform for people with disabilities. The system consists of a fixed-track mechanism in which a moving chair can be shifted in and out of the water. It can be powered by conventional modules and relies on a battery supplied by a Greek manufacturer.

China pledges not to build new coal plants abroad yet questions remain

President Xi Jinping’s pledge this week at the United Nations General Assembly that China will not build new coal-fired plants abroad is welcome news; however, Asia’s transition to low carbon energies remains in dire need of policy reforms.

Aerocompact starts making flat-roof PV racking products in India

Aerocompact, an Austrian supplier of solar racking solutions, has started manufacturing PV mounting products for flat rooftops in India.

New rules to boost Indonesian net metered rooftop PV

The new rules will increase the PV net metering factor from 0.65 to 100 and the credit accumulation period from three to six months.



PV resilience under fire

The Gaza Strip, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, is embracing solar energy as a reliable local energy source. However, its 2 million residents still only have access to electricity for just a few hours per day. Amjad Khashmann reports on damages to installed PV systems and the urgent need for new installations to support education, water, and health care.

Developer calls world’s largest solar+storage project ‘the first of many’ to come

The Australian-Singaporean group behind a proposed 20 GW solar PV farm and 42 GWh battery energy storage project under development in Australia’s remote far north has hinted that other, similar-sized projects are already in the pipeline.

Residential battery inverter from the US

US storage system provider NeoVolta has developed a battery inverter that provides 32 A of AC output power. It has a storage capacity of 14.4 KWh that can be expanded to 24.0 kWh with the addition of another battery without the need for a second inverter.

Triple Solar unveils new photovoltaic thermal panel for heat-pump houses

Dutch company Triple Solar has launched a new PVT module for residential applications which can be connected to water-to-water or PVT heat pumps. The new panel is said to be 10% larger and have a 15% higher output than the company’s other products and can reach a PV power output of 450 W.

How long do residential storage batteries last?

Multiple factors can affect the lifespan of a residential battery energy storage system. We examine the life of batteries in Part 3 of our series.

Rio Tinto ramps up PV at remote mine in Australia

Rio Tinto has confirmed that Energy Developments Ltd. is set to start construction of a new PV array and battery storage system that will more than triple the generation capacity at the miner’s AUD 2.6 billion ($1.9 billion) bauxite mining operation at Weipa, in the Australian state of Queensland.



In Conversation: The effects of defects

Mónica LiraCantú leads a research group investigating nanostructured materials for photovoltaic energy at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2). Recently, her group led a project that looked deep into the crystalline structure of a perovskite solar cell, revealing new information about the formation of defects in the material and how they could be engineered to improve both efficiency and stability. pv magazine caught up with the Barcelona-based scientist to discuss the state of the art in perovskite solar cells and remaining challenges on the road to commercialization.

Generac unveils new microinverter as part of move into solar, energy storage

Generac has released a new microinverter product as part of its ongoing shift into the solar and energy storage space. The U.S. manufacturer of backup power generation products also offers a backup battery storage solution.

Solarwatt brings new module and battery factories online in Germany

German manufacturer Solarwatt today announced the opening of a new 300 MW module production facility, as well as new battery pack assembly lines, located on the outskirts of Dresden. The company invested around €35 million in the new lines and says it will begin delivering modules produced on the new equipment to customers as early as next week.

Fraunhofer ISE develops solder-free aluminum interconnection tech for shingled PV modules

The German research institute has unveiled a novel interconnection technology for shingled PV modules that eliminates the need for electrically conductive adhesives and screen-printed busbars. It consists of an 8-μm-thick aluminum foil that is joined to the silicon nitride (SiNX) passivation via laser metal bond (LMB). When integrated in a solar module, the efficiency of the new interconnector improved by 0.7%.

Sonnenstromfabrik launches new PV module series with large wafers and power of up to 490 W

The German solar manufacturer has unveiled three new formats for its glass-film and glass-glass PV modules for the first quarter of 2022.

Agrivoltaics for strip farming

Vattenfall is leading a Dutch consortium in a research project to assess whether agrivoltaics is also compatible with strip cropping. The company’s head of Solar Development NL, Annemarie Schouten, spoke with pv magazine about the first 0.7 MW pilot project under development in the northern Dutch province of Flevoland.



In Converstation: Top n-type performance

In search of the next leap for cell and module efficiency, module manufacturers are now turning away from mono-PERC and increasingly toward n-type TOPCon technology. A few pioneering manufacturers have already begun mass production for the utility-scale market – including JinkoSolar. pv magazine recently caught up with Roberto Murgioni, Jinko’s division head of technical services and product management in Europe, for an update on the company’s TOPCon plans.

Canadian manufacturer to set up 350 MW solar cell factory in New York

Ubiquity Solar plans to annually produce 350 MW of utility-grade PV cells and 1.5 MW of advanced space-grade PV cells for aerospace customers.

Storage ready hybrid string inverter from Tigo

The new inverter can be used for both DC or AC coupled systems and has an efficiency of up to 98.5%. Available in two versions with power of 7.6 and 11.4 kW, respectively, the device features up to 200% DC oversizing, and 50 V starting voltage.

US solar association warns that tariffs could jeopardize one-third of solar projects by 2023

Anti-dumping tariffs would jeopardize 18 GW of solar projects by 2023, the US Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said in a letter to the Commerce Department.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Zhonghuan Semiconductor raises wafer prices

The manufacturer has raised the cost of all its products. Elsewhere, Xinyi is planning to deploy 5 GW of solar in Heilongjiang province and the China Electricity Council has reported the nation added 22 GW of solar in the first eight months of the year.

Recycling solar panels: Making the numbers work

NREL researchers said a profitable and sustainable solar panel recycling industry could establish itself by 2032. Here’s how the numbers work.

Energy Storage


In Conversation: Going full circle

With manufacturing ramping up year by year and policies already looking to get ahead of the large volumes of end-of-life products, the landscape for lithium-ion battery recycling is rapidly changing. pv magazine recently spoke with Mari Lundström, associate professor of chemical and metallurgical engineering at Aalto University, to find out what is needed on the research side for the effective recycling of batteries.

Novel technique to prevent fires in lithium-ion batteries

Singaporean scientists have developed a special device that prevents the formation of dendrites in lithium-ion storage. The additional layer they created works as an interface on behalf of the negative electrode, to exchange lithium-ions with the positive electrode.

Broadband in Sierra Leone capital to be powered by off-grid solar-plus-storage

A 1.2 MW solar plant and ‘up to 2 MWh’ energy storage system will replace generators to power the city broadband network in Freetown from mid next year.

Australian developer secures approval for 1 GW green hydrogen and battery project

Renewables developer Edify Energy has been granted development approval to build and operate a green hydrogen production plant of up to 1 GW, as well as a behind-the-meter solar and battery storage facility within the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct in Townsville, northern Queensland.

Hybrid PV-thermal modules providing heat source to brine-water heat pumps

Developed by Dutch company UseAllEnergy, the module is fabricated with a heat exchanger placed on the rear side that works as a heat source for a brine-water heat pump. Thanks to this innovation, the heat pump does not need to get heat from a borehole yet can still generate sufficient thermal energy. The solution is claimed to be easy to install and also to be suitable for retrofits.

The Hydrogen Stream: Indian group makes bold green hydrogen claim as plans emerge for production capacity in Spain

The renewables-powered sustainable hydrogen announcements have come as a group of international researchers made controversial claims about the potential of gas-fired blue hydrogen to be part of the climate change solution.

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