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The Hydrogen Stream: Russian researchers propose hydrogen extraction from gas wells
Jun 21, 2024
While a team of Russian researchers proposed a novel approach…
Researchers suggest using digested polymers for PV cell coatings, encapsulants
Jun 21, 2024
An international research team has proposed to use recyclable biomass-digested…
Hopewind, Energy Depot and New Energy Link Join Forces with International Solar Energy Research Center for European Ecological Energy Journey
Press Release
May 14, 2024
Energy Depot, New Energy Link, and Hopewind have partnered with…
Barriers to residential PV in South Africa
May 13, 2024
A scoping review examining the barriers to residential PV installations…
Ireland launches €20 million fund for energy research
May 09, 2024
The authorities in Ireland have opened a €20 million ($21.5…
Research shows high-albedo ground reflectors increase bifacial solar plant yield by up to 4.5%
May 08, 2024
Tests conducted by Canadian researchers at the NREL's testing field…
South Australia tests energy-smart homes to ease pressure on grid
May 07, 2024
An "Australian first" demonstration of aggregated flexible demand in residential…
Swedish researchers propose tailored PV incentives
May 02, 2024
Researchers in Sweden have investigated incentive programs for rooftop PV…
The Hydrogen Stream: 1.2 TW of electrolyzers globally in development
Apr 26, 2024
Aurora Energy Research says it has recorded a sharp increase…
Better Energy more than doubled green energy production in 2023
Press Release
Apr 25, 2024
Better Energy increased renewable energy production from its solar parks…
Enphase Energy, Octopus Energy announce UK partnership 
Apr 22, 2024
Enphase Energy says that Octopus Energy's retail customers will be…
Four-terminal tandem organic solar cell achieves 16.94% efficiency
Apr 17, 2024
Researchers in Spain claim to have recorded the highest power…
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