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Photovoltaic energy continues to set new records in European electricity markets

Gas and CO2 prices continued their downward trend in the fourth week of May, which led to a general downward trend in prices in European electricity markets and several negative hourly prices were registered, which reached -€400/MWh in Netherlands. The notable exception of the Iberian market, which saw a rise in prices, came from the fall in renewable energy production. During the week, records of solar photovoltaic energy production were reached in Germany, France, and Italy.


Pre-fabricated photovoltaic pavement for urban environments

China-based researchers have developed a model for photovoltaic pavement, achieving a potential electrical output of 0.68 kWh/m2 and an efficiency of 14.71%. Through simulations across 255 Chinese cities, they have determined that electricity potential ranges from 0.70 kWh/W to 1.83 kWh/W.


Record values of solar photovoltaic energy production in Portugal in the second week of May

In the second week of May, the solar photovoltaic energy production registered a record maximum hourly value in Portugal, adding to the streak of records for this technology in Europe during 2023. In the electricity markets, the prices remained stable with an upward trend, except in the MIBEL and the Nordic markets where the prices decreased. Zero price hours were registered at the weekend in the MIBEL market and negative ones in the Netherlands. Gas futures registered the lowest price since July 2021.


BayWa r.e. Solar Trade and Seacon Logistics to develop Netherlands based fully climate-neutral logistics centre with over 50,000 m² of storage capacity for photovoltaic components

The agreement for the comprehensive logistics project, between BayWa r.e. Solar Trade and Seacon Logistics, was finalised during the leading international trade fair “Transport Logistic” in Munich. The partners are developing a completely climate-neutral logistics hub at the Wanssum container port for the distribution of photovoltaic products from BayWa r.e. Solar Trade.

Floating concentrating photovoltaic thermal system for carbon capture

Two Norwegian companies are designing floating concentrating photovoltaic thermal technology that can produce both electricity and heat. It is intended for use in carbon capture projects and to be supported by an industrial heat pump system.

All photovoltaic-thermal system designs at a glance

An international research team has presented all possible system designs and applications for photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) technology. Their review includes conventional PV-T collectors, air-based systems, liquid-based installations, water-based collectors, refrigerant-based systems, heat-pipe-based technologies, dual air-water systems, building-integrated PVT arrays, and concentrated PVT collectors.


Germany’s first photovoltaic cycling path goes online

Badenova has installed 912 glass-glass PV modules along a cycling path in the city of Freiburg, Germany, as part of a new pilot project.


Photovoltaics for conveyor belts

Sinn Power and Recom have installed a 1 km-long PV system on a conveyor belt at a German gravel plant, using Sinn Power’s custom aluminum structure for conveyor belt applications.


Brine-water heat pumps with photovoltaic-thermal panels

German scientists have simulated the seasonal performance of PVT panels in brine-water heat pumps for heating single-family homes. They compared them to air- and ground-source heat pumps with and without PV, and to gas heating systems.

Concentrating photovoltaics for agricultural applications

A research team has studied the potential of using concentrating photovoltaics in agriculture and found that it offers advantages in terms of energy yield and de-shading compared to conventional photovoltaics. However, the higher costs must be carefully considered.


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