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Shanghai Electric’s Solar Thermal Trough Unit No. 1 Project in Dubai Connects to the Grid

On November 29 (Dubai Time), the Trough Unit No. 1 facility of Shanghai Electric’s 700MW solar thermal and 250MW photovoltaic solar power plant in Dubai has successfully achieved grid-connected electricity generation, marking a significant milestone along the path of the firm’s entry into the renewable energy sector.

Swiss startup builds ground-mounted solar thermal power plant in Netherlands

Switzerland-based TVP Solar is applying the typical business model of utility-scale PV plants to its new project in the Netherlands. The project will inject heat into the Dutch heating network at temperatures ranging from 69 C to 93 C and under a 30-year heat purchase agreement.

Four injured in solar thermal plant accident

Four people who were carrying out inspection work at the Chilean Cerro Dominador solar thermal plant have suffered burns due to a high-temperature water leak. Two are in intensive care.

Solar thermal panel for large scale applications

The panel has an absorption area of 1.96 m2 and a weight of 27 kg per square meter. According to the manufacturer – Swiss startup TVP Solar – it may be a real booster for thermal output, by combining it with photovoltaics and heat pumps to provide enhanced output per square meter, in particular for low-temperature applications such as district heating.


Woodside teams with US startup to explore solar thermal technology

Australian oil and gas giant Woodside is partnering with U.S.-based concentrated solar specialist Heliogen to build a 5 MW solar thermal demonstration plant in California. The project will deliver clean energy with nearly 24/7 availability.


Solar thermal software expanded in new version T*SOL 2021

With the new version T*SOL 2021, the design software for solar thermal systems from Valentin Software has been adapted to the latest guidelines and expanded to reflect market changes.

CPV-solar thermal system delivering LCOE of $0.03/kWh

Researchers have created a device to produce electricity and steam at the same time. The system is said to offer 85.1% efficiency and deliver steam at up to 248 degrees Celsius. The converter combines III–V, triple-junction solar cells and a high-efficiency solar thermal system based on parabolic trough collectors.

2 launches business directory for services around photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and electromobility

Aiming to be the largest business directory in Europe, launches its new business directory for all businesses to do with photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and e-mobility. It includes entries for installers, consultants, and project developers as well as assessors and maintenance, repair and cleaning service providers.

World’s first triple geo-PV-solar thermal power plant unveiled in Nevada

Stillwater power plant, the first triple hybrid facility in the world, combining geothermal, photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation, was inaugurated in Nevada.


Landmark solar thermal rooftop unveiled in Australia

A house in Sydney has been fitted with a fully building integrated photovoltaic and thermal rooftop that is one of the first in the world to generate electricity as well as heat.

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