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Solar tech to trigger switch for skyscrapers

Energy systems have long been designed to deliver electricity to major cities from distant hubs. But now, thanks to recent advances in solar panel energy density and building-integrated PV, vertical cities could soon be standing tall under their own power.

Sun Cable reveals full extent of its giant solar-plus-storage project in Australia

Singapore-based Sun Cable has submitted its Environmental Impact Statement to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority. The document reveals the full extent of the project’s enormity, specifically a 17-20 GW solar farm tied to 36-42 GWh of battery energy storage, which is set to be transmitted by subsea cables to Singapore.


Quantum Power Asia, ib vogt propose 3.5 GW solar-storage project in Indonesia

Quantum Power Asia and ib vogt have set up a new partnership to build a 3.5 GW solar-plus-storage facility in Riau, Indonesia. The developers say the proposed $5 billion project could export solar electricity to Singapore by 2032.


Massive Australian green hydrogen project moves forward with new Japanese partner

Water-from-air technology company Aqua Aerem’s Desert Bloom green hydrogen project received Major Project Status from the Northern Territory government last year. It has now announced a partnership with Japanese energy giant Osaka Gas that not only brings the 10 GW project closer to reality, but has also seen the company boost its ambitions to 20 GW in light of “quickly developing demand.”


SolarPower Summit 2022: security and sustainability

The SolarPower Summit 2022, held this week in Brussels, could prove to be a pivotal point in Europe’s energy transition. Weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, the solar industry and the European Commission have come together to discuss solar’s role in the future of continental energy security.

Tesla to supply Megapacks for new 150MW/350MWh Australian big battery 

Following the early success of its solar integrated Gannawarra Energy Storage System, Edify Energy has again opted for Tesla Megapack as its preferred battery energy storage system for its combination of storage projects totalling 150MW/300MWh in the Australian state of New South Wales.


Invasion of Ukraine an inadvertent boost for green hydrogen

Rystad Energy has joined BloombergNEF with a significant forecast for gray and blue hydrogen off the back of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the analysts, the impact of the war has sent prices of fossil fuel-tied forms of hydrogen production surging, leaving the gradual but consistent downward price trend of green hydrogen now looking remarkably competitive.


Thailand’s CK Power set to double in size through 2.8GW renewables investment

One of Southeast Asia’s biggest generators of renewable electricity, Thailand’s CK Power, is set to double in size over the next three years after announcing plans to add 2.8GW of new renewable electricity generation, including a ten-fold increase in its solar capacity.

The weekend read: Overcoming the water challenge of green hydrogen production

Once thought of in a niche sense, the solar-water nexus is a rapidly expanding network of applications. They include practical tools capable of solving persistent issues like water scarcity, as well as newly pressing issues like overcoming the water challenge of green hydrogen production. Blake Matich looks at such applications here in Australia and abroad.


Singapore sovereign wealth fund backs Australian green hydrogen developer

The InterContinental Energy company behind two proposed green hydrogen megaprojects in Western Australia – the 26GW Asian Renewable Energy Hub and the 50GW Western Green Energy Hub – has received the backing of Singapore’s US$744 billion sovereign wealth fund GIC.


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