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Repositioning Australian rooftop PV

A University of South Australia study has shown that solar owners selling electricity to the grid should position their panels to minimize the discrepancy between peak use and peak production.


Airlifting PV modules for C&I solar projects

Is airlifting solar modules the future of commercial and industrial rooftop PV installation? Epho Commercial Solar recently used a helicopter to airlift pallets of modules to 12 rooftops at a Woolworths location in Australia.

Native shrubs and solar panels working in tandem in South Australia

State utility SA Water is partnering with an environmental organization to ‘re-vegetate’ almost a ton of native seedlings under a large scale solar arrays. Beneath the ground-mounted PV projects, native vegetation should return to the formerly agricultural land, and the resulting scrub is expected to protect panels from soiling.

‘Australia’s last chance’ – BZE publishes renewables jobs report

Every crisis is a crossroads, and Australia is certainly at a crossroads. This week, a host of climate, development and investment leaders are backing Beyond Zero Emissions’ green Million Jobs Plan for Covid-19 economic recovery.

Battery performance standard for residential and commercial applications

Researchers have proposed a new battery performance standard for Australia and possibly the world. If adopted, the standard could clarify consumer confusion around which energy storage system is right for them.

Ikea’s full home solar offer arrives in Australia

Ikea has launched its turnkey home solar offer in Australia, making it the first market outside of Europe in which consumers can purchase home solar kits from its website. The company has partnered with Solargain to bring solar to as many Aussie rooftops as possible.


100% solar-powered floating villa

Australian designer Chuck Anderson’s Lilypad is a 100% solar-powered villa floating off Palm Beach in north Sydney.

University of Queensland’s Tesla battery paying for itself

The University of Queensland has released a performance report on the Tesla Powerpack it installed in December 2019. Across a range of revenue streams, the Powerpack is already earning the university some serious cash.


Solar chimney saves energy and lives

Researchers at Australia’s RMIT University have designed a solar chimney that could offer powerful safety and environmental benefits.


A Champagne moment for commercial electric vehicles?

Detroit-based Bollinger Motors’ versatile E-Chassis for electric vehicles could pave the way for a commercial vehicle fleet transition in the U.S. which accelerates the e-mobility revolution.