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Kazatomprom’s solar manufacturing units to be privatized

Kazakhstan’s state-owned national atomic energy company announced its three solar manufacturing subsidiaries will be auctioned to the highest bidder in the frame of its privatization plan.

Madagascar wants more off-grid solar for rural areas, preps to host first grid-connected PV plants

Madagascar’s Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons is increasing efforts to implement its rural electrification plan for 2015-2020. Meanwhile, the government is also seeking developers for the island’s first MW-sized grid-connected PV projects.


Italian solar fund Tages Helios raises another €55 million

The Italian fund announced the closing of its third financing round. To date, the fund has raised approximately €210 million.

Sierra Leone’s first utility-scale PV project moves forward

The government of the West African country has signed an implementation agreement for a 6 MW solar project in Freetown. The country’s first MW-sized PV plant is being built with the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD).

U.S. researchers say solar micro-grids can help military facilities prevent cyber and physical threats

A U.S. research team from the Michigan Technological University is assessing the technical and economic viability of military microgrids run on solar power.

Hungary supports net metering PV projects up to 50 kW with 0% loans

The Hungarian Development Bank started a subsidized loan program for renewable energy and energy efficiency in late April. The €350 million program will run through to 2022.

Study: reasonable cost of capital can make solar competitive in all European countries within five years

According to a new report from (ETIP PV), solar is already competitive with the current low wholesale electricity prices in southern European countries, while in Europe’s northern regions PV can become competitive within the coming five years.

Denmark: solar without incentives is possible, but bureaucracy is killing it

Interview: Denmark is planning a future without incentives for solar and renewables, after abruptly closing the “transitional” incentive program for PV installations up to 400 kW in December. The Danish PV market, meanwhile, has now come to a halt. pv magazine asked Peter Ahm, the CEO of PA Energy and Danish representative to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) PV Power Systems Programme, how the Danish solar market can further grow in the short and long term without subsidies.


Italy opens ancillary services market to pilot renewable energy and storage projects

The project is the initial stage of an organic reform of the Italian ancillary services market, which is expected to be implemented in accordance with the European balancing code.

African Development Bank supports 20 MW off-grid solar project in Zimbabwe

AFDB’s Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has agreed to provide Oxygen Energy with $1 million in financing to support the preliminary phase of a 20 MW off-grid rooftop solar project in the eastern African country.

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