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New control technique for microgrid-connected PV systems

An international research group has applied for the first time integral backstepping control (IBC) as a control strategy for PV systems connected to microgrids. Through a series of simulations, the scientists found the new approach can provide better results than classic backstepping control (BC) and other techniques.

Decentralized heat pumps with district heating could cut opex by 24%

Researchers in Finland say that decentralized heat pumps could provide significant cost savings when selling surplus heat into district networks. However, they warned that capital expenditure remains high.


Novel algorithm to prevent overinvestment in power-to-gas in areas with high PV penetration rates

Scientists in South Korea have created an algorithm that reportedly prevents oversizing of power-to-gas systems located in areas with large shares of solar and renewable energy capacities. The algorithm calculates saturation points for both PV and power-to-gas facilities.


Saudi researchers apply distributionally robust optimization to wind, solar project siting

Saudi scientists created a new deep learning technique based on distributionally robust optimization (DRO) to identify the most suitable locations for utility scale wind and solar power projects. They applied the model to Saudi Arabia and found it provides ‘more realistic’ results than deterministic or robust models.


Combining PV with pumped hydro storage in open-cast coal mines

Indian scientists have suggested building pumped-hydro storage systems connected to solar plants using mines as the lower reservoir and nearby rivers as the upper reservoir. They claim that the proposed combination may reach a levelized cost of energy of $0.2693/kWh.


Teralight announces 314 MW of new solar in Israel

Teralight, via its Solar Tech subsidiary, plans to install new solar fences, rooftops, walls and aquaculture PV projects across Israel. The projects will be built in dozens of villages.

Novel AI-based tech to identify rooftop solar systems from aerial images

The model utilizes deep learning and image processing techniques and is said to offer “superior performance.” In the future, it might be able to differ between panels of PV and solar thermal systems.


Israel surpasses 2.2 GW of rooftop PV capacity

New figures from the Israeli authorities show that the country continues to deploy rooftop PV systems at a rapid pace. New rooftop installations hit 703 MW in 2022, up significantly from 537 MW in 2021 and 296 in 2020.


Hail-prone areas may require solar modules with 4 mm-thick front glass

New research from India claims solar modules with 3.2 mm-thick front glass may not be strong enough to withstand storms producing big hailstones. The scientists found that a front glass of at least 4 mm should be used to avoid significant damage.

New mooring system for offshore, coastal floating PV arrays

The novel mooring solution consists of perimeter pontoons, barriers, clump weights, mooring lines and anchors. Its creators claim it is cheaper in materials and maintenance, as well as more wave-stable, compared to mooring systems using elastic cables.


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