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Germany’s new rebate program for residential heat pumps has come into effect

A set of amendments to Germany’s law that offer a rebate program for sustainable heating has come into effect on January 1st. The new rules grant rebates of up to 40% to help homeowners to buy and install heat pumps.


German court rules in favor of Q Cells in patent dispute with Trina Solar

A German court has issued a preliminary injunction ordering Trina Solar to stop selling its Honey and Vertex X solar modules in Germany, as they allegedly infringe upon the patented passivation technologies of Hanwha Q Cells.


Weekend read: Elusive longevity

The expected lifetime of PV inverters is significantly shorter than that of modules. In many projects, inverter replacement is included in financial calculations from the start, despite the high costs. Research is being conducted into the causes of faults to develop more durable inverters and components. But plant design can already improve the lifespan of inverters in use today, reports pv magazine Germany’s Marian Willuhn.


How the EU Commission envisages gas price caps and profit absorption on the electricity market

European Union energy ministers will meet in a special session in Brussels on Friday to discuss deep cuts to the gas and electricity markets. A non-public paper obtained by pv magazine shows the Commission’s proposal, which includes a triad of reduced prices, consumption reduction, and solidarity-based distribution of energy within the EU.


Hydrogen to play limited role in building energy supply

How much hydrogen is actually needed? Several German research institutes have examined 40 energy scenarios for hydrogen ramp-up and found that 15 million GWh of hydrogen will be needed worldwide by 2050.


Solar tech theft rising in Germany amid supply bottlenecks

The Saxony State Criminal Police Office in Germany has blamed the energy crisis and growing solar demand for an increase in the theft of modules and inverters.


Germany raises feed-in tariffs for solar up to 750 kW

The new provisions are part of the new version of the country’s renewable energy law, which was approved today by the German parliament.


The weekend read: The financial risk of investing in PV systems and the ‘Peter PAN’ files

The financial risk of investing in photovoltaic systems is increasing. This is because the yield forecasts on which profitability audits are based are increasingly too optimistic. One reason for this could be the handling of so-called PAN files, reports pv magazine Deutschland’s Marian Willuhn.


Space heating without oil, gas feasible in Germany by 2035, says study

Europe’s declining security situation and rising fossil fuel prices are driving calls for independence from gas. A new study by the Wuppertal Institute, commissioned by Greenpeace, shows that a complete shift away from fossil fuels in the heating sector could be possible for Germany within 13 years.

Satellite cyber attack paralyzes 11GW of German wind turbines

The communication channels affected are also used by photovoltaic systems.


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