Quality issues in Indian PV projects jeopardizing investments – report

Wildlife vandalism is the least of the worries afflicting PV system owners in India, according to a report which exposes cost-cutting in installation, non-existent warranties, serious safety concerns and improbable performance figures.

Total looks to Chinese EV market

Oil and gas company Total has announced it will work alongside Shanghai-based NIO – the world’s inaugural Formula E champion – to develop products for a potentially huge electric vehicle marketplace in the populous Asian nation.

UK green lights fracking days after targeting small-scale renewables

Decision comes just days after business and energy department prepares to end export payments for solar households, and with parliament in its summer recess. The permit has outraged green groups, the opposition Labour Party and nearby residents.


Festivalgoers benefit from battery tech advances

Where can I charge my glow-stick? Two companies in the Netherlands are joining forces to displace portable diesel generators on the northern European festival scene this summer.

Solar is turbocharging Karnataka state to renewables leadership of India

The remarkable 4 GW of solar capacity added last year has seen Karnataka displace Tamil Nadu as the India’s renewables number one. And there is more to come, according to a new report, with PV set to account for a third of rising energy demand over the next decade.

‘UK government knows the answers on solar, it’s just stalling’

Latest consultation exercise has been launched solely to buy time because Brexit is distracting officials from policymaking, according to a spokesman from the National Farmers’ Union.

Eight more London boroughs sign up to mayor’s solar vision

Labour politician Sadiq Khan has expanded his Solar Together group-buying scheme for rooftop installations in London after more than 1,000 households and small businesses signed up to discounts on residential systems under the initial phase.


Swiss battery maker Leclanché announces debt restructuring

Biggest shareholder has acquired – and postponed payment of – a chunk of debt due last month and agreed a further debt-to-equity transfer. The Swiss company today stated further measures will be required to shore up its balance sheet.

GCL-Poly cranks up its share repurchase program again

Polysilicon manufacturer has been busy repurchasing chunks of its stock, the question analysts and investors will be asking is, why?

Suntech announces panel supply deal for Australia projects

Former manufacturing giant establishes a foothold in the promising Australian market, and says it is in talks with developer Biosar about supplying further modules for projects in the nation.

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