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Ciel & Terre, Hexa Renewables round off 440 MW floating PV array

Ciel & Terre and Hexa Renewables have completed a 192.3 MW extension of a 440 MW floating PV array in Taiwan. The extension includes patented technology featuring concrete pillars and an H-beam system as an anchoring design, in order to address near-shore environmental challenges.


Slovenia’s new solar additions hit 400 MW in 2023

Slovenia recorded 400 MW of new PV installations in 2023, taking its total installed capacity to 1.1 GW, according to figures from the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy.


Nepal seeking consultants for power system expansion, including solar

Nepal is seeking consultants to expand its power system, which includes building more than 200 kilometers of new transmission lines, upgrading existing ones, and constructing solar and solar-wind hybrid energy systems for remote areas. The deadline for expressing interest is Feb. 27, 2024.


Janom Investments enters Croatian solar market with 30 MW plant

Slovakia’s Janom Investments has announced its first investment in Croatia through a 30 MW solar plant. CEO Andrej Sršeň says the company is now evaluating other projects in the country, with an estimated capacity of more than 200 MW.


Solarcycle invests $344 million in solar factory

Solarcycle has invested $344 million in a solar manufacturing facility in Polk County, Georgia. The factory has been designed to use recycled materials from retired solar panels to produce new solar glass, positioning Solarcycle as one of the first manufacturers of specialized glass for crystalline-silicon PV in the US market.


Croatia deployed 238.7 MW of solar in 2023

The Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia says the country’s total installed solar capacity now stands at 462.5 MW. It says the country will come close to entering the “gigawatt club” by the start of 2025.


Merida Aerospace developing perovskite PV cells for space

Merida Aerospace, a US aerospace company, is developing perovskite solar cells for low-Earth-orbit satellites. It says perovskite solar cells could be a more cost-effective and efficient option than traditional cells.


Romania proposes auction-based grid connections for plants above 1 MW

Romania’s Ministry of Energy has published a draft order outlining a move to an auction-based grid-connection process for solar projects above 1 MW in size. The change, which is currently subject to public consultation, could be implemented from January 2025.

UK-led project explores PV module production in Africa, Asia, Indo-Pacific

Universities and businesses from the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, and the Indo-Pacific are assessing the potential to set up sustainable PV module manufacturing hubs across the Global South.


MW Storage, Fluence partner on Germany’s largest storage project

Storage specialist Fluence says its new battery-based energy storage project in Germany will be one of the largest in continental Europe, with a capacity of 100 MW/200 MWh.

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