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Tough 60-celler

Kyocera is putting a new solar module with 60 cells and 240 watts of output on the market. The KD240GH-2PB module is said to be particularly suitable for ground-mounted solar installations and industrial on-roof arrays, though it can also be used in conventional house roof installations.

Precision control systems

Manz Automation is set to introduce its next generation of mechanical scriber tools at this year’s EU PVSEC.

Rainproof in-roof system

At EU PVSEC, Gehrlicher Solar is presenting its in-roof system Gehrtec Intra, which is completely integrated into the roof and, according to the company, completely rainproof.

A universal composition

The PIA Nova is Von Ardenne’s universal composition, a machinery platform for sputtering contact and precursor layers for solar cells.

Measurement systems for temperature profiles

Datapaq’s SolarPaq consists of three new models that are used for temperature recording and profile creation in the production of solar cells and modules. The new systems will measure the temperatures of the products and provide the necessary information for the establishment and optimization of the processes.

Confirmed effect

Alfasolar presents measurements by the PI Photovoltaik Institute that testify the quality of their Pyramid series modules.

Minimizing reel changing times

Mondragon Assembly has developed a new tabber and stringer model, TS-600 LT. The modular configuration has the possibility to upgrade it at any time. The machine can be ordered with various string loading options.

Contactless temperature measurement

Raytek is presenting contactless temperature measuring units for cell and module production at EU PVSEC. Infrared sensors, line scanners, and thermal cameras allow for continuous real-time temperature supervision.

Drying and firing

Rehm Thermal Systems has a new series of drying and firing systems for solar cell metallization. The Solardryer RDS 2100 and RDS 3000 are drying processes of a combination of five IR zones and one central convection zone.

Comprehensive package for modules

Day4 Energy has come up with a comprehensive package of equipment and services required to manufacture Day4 Energy branded modules for its partners.

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