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Solar in uncommon spaces

With land-use concerns on the rise, large-scale solar projects are increasingly being built on everything from landfill sites to water reservoirs. Here’s an overview of the state of the art.


US solar panel shipments rose 33% in 2020

Solar PV module shipments reached a record high in the U.S. market in 2020, up 33% year on year.

Silfab doubles US solar panel production capacity

Module manufacturer Silfab has opened a new plant north of Seattle and is now shipping its 370 W Prime series modules.


US company using 3D printers to make solid-state battery tech for EVs

California-based Sakuú Corp. has started work on a 2.5 MWh per year pilot facility to produce 3D-printed solid-state battery tech.


Gravity-based renewable energy storage tower for grid-scale operations

Energy Vault secured $100 million in Series C funding for its EVx tower, which stores gravitational potential energy for grid dispatch.


Blackouts and high utility prices are driving solar and storage adoption in the US, SunPower survey says

The survey of 1,500 homeowners shed light on the home solar energy experience and motivating factors behind solar purchases.


Perovskite-silicon tandems could rapidly scale solar

Halide perovskites combined with conventional silicon could help solar break the 26% efficiency barrier – disrupting the technology without disrupting business systems.


Portable charging trailer for commercial EV fleets

U.S.-based Xos offers a mobile charging station for commercial electric fleets, in order to provide power without making fixed infrastructure upgrades.


Hyundai and UL ally to give EV batteries a second life

The two agreed to advance safe deployment and use of second-life battery energy storage systems.


Data confirm the rise of solar-plus-storage hybrids across the U.S. grid

Battery prices are falling, and renewable energy generation continues to expand, leading power plant developers to co-locate energy storage along with power generation assets.

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