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German Environment Ministry seeks solar subsidy compromise

Additional funding for photovoltaics research and development should move the German states to a “yes” regarding the country’s EEG, or renewable energy law. Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister President believes an agreement on Germany’s solar subsidies will be reached by the summer.

Sovello submits insolvency application

Following speculation at the weekend that Sovello GmbH would file for insolvency, the company has now submitted an application to open self-administration insolvency proceedings at the Dessau district court in Germany, due to a lack of funds.

German Bundesrat calls for PV subsidy mediation committee

Germany’s Bundesrat wants to revise the country’s renewable energy law (EEG) for photovoltaics. A majority of Bundesrat representatives, therefore, voted for the invocation of a mediation committee with the Federal Parliament.

Chinese PV company to acquire 30 percent of Conergy

According to reports, 30 percent of Hamburg-based Conergy AG will be acquired by a Chinese photovoltaic company. Conergy would not confirm the news.

Soltecture announces insolvency

Berlin-based Soltecture GmbH is the next German photovoltaic company to file for insolvency. Attorney Hartwig Albers of law firm Brinkmann & Partner has been appointed provisional liquidator.

Germany installs 650 MW of PV at start of 2012

650 megawatts (MW) worth of photovoltaics were installed in Germany in January and February, according to preliminary figures from the country’s Federal Network Agency.

Germany: PV makes coal power unprofitable

With the increase in installed photovoltaic capacity, the cost effectiveness of coal-fired power plants is decreasing. The outlook for coal, with the further development of emissions trading, will become even worse.

Q-Cells insolvency proceedings expected by July

Photovoltaic manufacturer, Q-Cells SE is currently looking for an investor. The company is weighed down with debt, however.

Germany: Belectric considering constitutional challenge

As part of Germany’s new solar subsidy, feed-in tariffs (FIT) for photovoltaic systems larger than 10 megawatts (MW) are to be eliminated. According to a media report, several companies, including leading project planner Belectric, are considering submitting a complaint against the Renewable Energy Act [EEG] amendment before the German Federal Constitutional Court.

Microsol will take Solon over

According to Germany’s Tagesspiegel, it looks like Solon has been saved by Indian-Arabic company, Microsol. The news has still to be officially confirmed, however, it is expected that a formal statement will be made on Friday, March 2.